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White Socks for Men

White socks for men come in a variety of sizes and styles and are so ubiquitous that it can be helpful to know some of the fashion and style choices that go into choosing or wearing socks. Understanding each of these sock types and how they fit into the fashion world will help you choose the right style for your outfits. Find the right type of men's white socks for your outfit with these helpful tips.

What are the different types of white socks?

These socks come in nearly every available type of sock out there, and these differences mostly relate to the length and style of the sock. Each of these has specific purposes, and each relates to the fashion world in its own way.

  • Ankle-length white socks: These socks cover your feet until just above the ankle as the name implies. In terms of fashion, this length of sock is ideal for casual, everyday use; but it really shines when it comes to running or other athletic activities or outfits. You can pair these socks with any low-cut or informal type of shoe.
  • Quarter-length white socks: These come up to the shin area of the leg, and the extra length is useful for protecting your feet from blistering or possible pinching from the back of the shoe. Although men and women can use these socks, men favor them more and use them for professional purposes.
  • Crew-length white sock: These socks cover much of the calf and are also used for physically demanding or professional activities. Their main advantage is providing a greater degree of warmth and protection in colder months.
  • Calf-length white socks: These socks come all the way up the calf muscles and are a typical favorite of men who are involved in high-contact professional sports. Their length is often paired with a high degree of thickness to provide maximum protection during these physical activities.
  • Knee-high white socks: These socks come up to the knee and are used mainly as part of a uniform in certain industries. Their primary advantage, however, is not only warmth but also added cushioning to protect the various parts of the foot in the event of a fall or sharp blow.
What outfits can you wear with white socks?

It is fine to match white socks with several different clothing combinations.

  • The blazer and pants: This is a great choice for men and goes well with wearing blazers and slacks, especially if you match it with muted clothing, such as a brown blazer with black slacks. The white of the socks provides a simple yet effective contrast of colors.
  • Casual dark shirt: If you're going for a nice weekend look, consider wearing a black shirt with a pair of socks. Do this especially if you're wearing white or light-colored shorts or trousers, as it will produce a great contrast.
  • T-shirt and blue jeans: The classic combination of a t-shirt and rugged blue jeans is a never-miss combination and pairs well with these socks.