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How to Choose a VHS Camcorder

These days, it's not difficult to become nostalgic. In a world of smartphones and tech at your fingertips, sometimes it's refreshing to go back to a simpler time and using a camcorder to capture video memories is one way to do that. Though it's not the same as filming a video on your smartphone, it's a way for videophiles and camera collectors alike to add to their collection while using something that's not digital.

What Are Some Features of VHS Camcorders?

Though the tech may not be brand new, there are still plenty of things that you can do with an RCA VHS camcorder.

  • A built-in microphone captures audio alongside the video when you have the camera rolling.
  • Some models have an LCD screen, so you can view what you're capturing in a larger format rather than squinting through a viewfinder.
  • Autofocus capability means you don't have to worry about blurry content because your images will be crisp, clear, and blur-free. With optical zoom, you can get up-close on your subjects, whether you're getting a closer look at your son's blue ribbon or the details of your mom's wedding dress.

Which Models Are Available?

RCA produced numerous models of the camcorder, and though they come with an array of different features, they all use VHS tapes to record your memories onto.

  • The CC510 video camera has a 12x optical zoom and uses the Super VHS format of tapes. It's a black-and-silver model with a slim form factor, so it fits into the palm of your hand.
  • For an older model, check out the CMR300 Pro Wonder. It's a bit larger than other models, and it offers an autofocus feature and a shoulder strap that you can use to carry the camera when you're not filming.
  • The Small Wonder camera, model number CC616, is meant to be one of the most compact lines of cameras. This portable RCA camcorder has multiple modes for a variety of shooting situations, such as low light or sports, and you can even add titles to your videos as you go.

How Do You Select a Camcorder?

There are a few things to consider as you select the right camcorder for your needs.

  • Would you rather choose one that uses miniature tapes and has a smaller design or opt for a full-sized VHS camcorder that uses regular-sized tapes?
  • How important are features to you? Some designs offer numerous types of modes and filters, and you can even switch to black-and-white filming, while others are standard in terms of the options they provide.
  • Do you want to purchase a bundle that comes with everything you need? This could include a case, a power charger/adapter to view tapes on your TV, and extras like a lens cap, cleaning cloths, or wrist straps.

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