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How to Lure a Muskie

For freshwater fishing in the Great Lakes, there are few fish to compare to the muskie, or muskellunge. This big pike is one of the largest and most sought-after game fish in Northern waters.

How Do You Collect Vintage Lures?

When it comes to collecting vintage fishing tackle, the catch can be as exciting as the chase. Unlike bait, lures can last for decades, and many vintage muskie lures are very popular among collectors. As long as the water isn't covered with ice, it's always the season for muskie fishing. Some of the features that muskie anglers and collectors look for are:

  • Box: The better the condition of the box, the more desirable it is. In some cases, the box may even be more desirable than the lure itself.
  • Eyes: Early wooden lures featured glass or painted eyes, where later ones had decals.
  • Condition: Condition always matters for any collectible, from fishing tackle to sports cards. Many collectors love large lures that have never been in the water. They don't want any damage or even chips in the paint.

What about Fishing for Muskie?

While there has always been a space for bait, wooden lures still have a place in the tackle boxes of many anglers. Many anglers use the same lures for walleye and pike as well as muskie, most with treble hooks to ensure they bite properly. There are a few things to consider when on the quest for this fish:

  • Weather: Muskies like cold water temperatures when there's more oxygen in the water. Late fall is a particularly good time to put a bucktail on your line and go trolling for muskie. It behaves like bait, and is easily sensed by the fish's lateral line. All you need to do is get out into open water and start moving.
  • Gear: In addition to your lures, you want a musky rod. Good rods are on the long side, but strong enough to handle a big fish. In addition to big lures, you may want to try a sucker if you're using bait. The muskie may eye it for a while, but if it catches its interest, you've got your fish.

Choosing Between Fishing and Collecting

There is no wrong choice when it comes to deciding whether to fish or collect lures. Both hobbies can use up all your time, and are very rewarding. The bucktail that works in the lake may look just as good displayed on your wall. Some life-like muskie lures may be particularly collectible with superb paint jobs and glass eyes. Others may not be as deserving of display but still bring home the records. Muskie fishing has been a favorite of northern fishermen for many years.