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Protect Your Investment With Cell Phone Cases, Covers, and Skins for Your iPhone X Phone

As cell phones can cost upwards of $1000, it is important that your phone is protected from any potential damage. Falls, cracks, scratches, and water damage are accidents cell phone insurance purchased from the manufacturer or cell phone companies can't cover. That is the main reason why most people opt to purchase an affordable cell phone case, cover, or skin for iPhone X phones from eBay.

The differences between cases, skins, and covers

The iPhone X phone case covers the phone securely and tends to be heavier than a cover or a skin. The phone case creates a thick barrier between the phone and other surfaces for maximum protection. Cases often come with a screen protector of some sort, whether that be a piece that clips on to the case or a sticker-like protector you can use to stick to your phone's screen. Cheap iPhone X cases may be as thin as covers while more expensive ones can be as thick as multiple covers on top of each other with snaps and clips to secure it to the phone.

The iPhone X back cover does just that: it covers the back of the phone. These tend to be thinner, but they still create a barrier between the phone and any other surfaces the phone comes into contact with. The iPhone X cover tends to have a less bulky look than cases as they are thinner. Some come with the sticker-type screen protector, though not always. iPhone X skins are the least protective as they are a sticker-like film placed over the phone. They are extremely thin, and their primary use is to change the appearance of the phone with an interesting colour or pattern.

Which looks are available on eBay?

New and preowned eBay iPhone X cases come in an endless variety of looks. There are big cases with built-in plastic screen protectors, cases in different colours, materials, and different designs. There are also cases with different features or patterns. Some have pop holders or rings on them for easy carrying. The iPhone X case available on eBay comes in enough different styles to appeal to everyone.

Is there a difference between iPhone X phone cases and iPhone X Max phone cases?

The difference between the cases is the size. The iPhone X is 5.85 inches, so iPhone X cases are made only to fit that size. The iPhone X Max case fits the 6.5-inch iPhone X Max phone. Since the size difference is so drastic, the cases would not be interchangeable between phones, and you would need to purchase different cases for the different phones.

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