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Unlock Your iPhone And Explore Different Carriers

A factory unlock for your iPhone lets you swap out your current service carrier for a new carrier or several. This simple unlock service lets you retain or cancel service on your terms, at home and abroad. When you are ready to unlock your iPhone you can look on eBay to help with this process.

How does the unlock service work?

An iPhone factory unlock service consists of a specific code and set of instructions required to unlock your iPhone's service restriction to a particular carrier. The code depends on your phone and your carrier, and the set of instructions are simple and quick to perform. In most cases, your phone must meet the following criteria:

  • Service - Service must be expired or inactive (out of contract).
  • Phone - Your phone must be clean/not reported lost or stolen.
  • iCloud account - You must have your iCloud account details.
  • Function disabled - Your "Find My Phone" function must be disabled.
Which carriers can you unlock and use?

There is an iPhone factory unlock service compatible with every major carrier and nearly every minor carrier. An iPhone factory unlock service is also available for niche carriers in nearby countries and countries abroad, such as France, Chile, and Australia. Similarly, you can obtain service through any carrier you choose.

Do you have to change SIM cards?

Not in most cases. The iPhone works with service carriers who conform to the Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communications or Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). If your previous plan is with a GSM carrier, you do not have to switch SIM cards. If your previous plan is a CDMA carrier, you may have to install a new SIM card. Even if you don't have to switch SIM cards, and you unlock your iPhone using an iPhone factory unlock service, it's still advisable to:

  • Backup your iPhone
  • Erase your iPhone
  • Restore your iPhone from the recent backup
Which generations are compatible, and how long does it take?

The iPhone factory unlock service boasts an impressive success rate with almost all models going all the way back to the second generation, which is commonly called iPhone 3G. It is a smartphone introduced in 2008 as successor to the original iPhone. Since each generation has unique characteristics and quirks, iPhone factory unlock service may differ in terms of specific steps and codes. For the same reason, the window of time can be as little as a few minutes. To help you confirm compatibility with your iPhone, each provider of the iPhone factory unlock service supplies a list of applicable models. The short list typically appears in the product title, while a longer list can often be found in the extended product description.