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Unlock Your Used iPhone With iCloud Activation Services

Purchasing a pre-owned iPhone can be a great way to get the model you want at an inexpensive price. However, Apple's iCloud feature means that some pre-owned phones might come to you still locked behind the previous user's account, preventing you from using the device. An iCloud activation service from eBay can restore the phone's security settings and allow you to use it.

What devices can an iCloud activation key unlock?

Most iCloud activation services you will find on eBay can work with multiple Apple devices. The iOS uses similar architecture across a range of products, and these services are able to use those similarities to activate a range of pre-owned devices. These services know how to remove the activation lock without the previous owner. Some of the most common categories and models that work with these services are:

  • iPhones - iCloud activation can work with various older and newer iPhone models, including the iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus SE, 7, and 8.
  • iPad - You can use an iCloud activation service to unlock the iPad 1, 2, or iPad Air. The service will send an iPad activation lock bypass code.
  • Watch - These services can help you unlock your pre-owned Apple watch as well.
iCloud activation service benefits

You may experience several benefits once you use one of these services to unlock your device. Some benefits may be specific to the particular device you own. However, some of the most common benefits to using an iCloud activation service are:

  • Convenience - The activation service can use a single code per device to restore full functionality to your used electronics.
  • Permanence - Once you unlock your device using an activation service, you will not have to worry about it being locked again at any point.
  • Updates - You will be able to update your device to the most recent version of the iOS software and customize it to your liking.
How does the iCloud activation service work?

You can find a wide range of affordable iCloud activation services on eBay. Most of these services operate with just a few simple steps:

  • IMEI - The IMEI number is unique to your device and part of how the activation service sends a bypass or an unlock code. It is on the inside of the SIM tray or the bottom of the device.
  • Processing - This service will process your IMEI number and generate a bypass code for your device.
  • Unlocking - The activation service sets up your pre-owned device and makes you the new user.
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