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Zyliss Food Choppers

Zyliss Food Choppers

Zyliss offers cookware, food storage, graters and slicers, knives and cutlery, food choppers, as well as kitchen gadgets and tools. Their food choppers range from the Zyliss Zick-Zick Classic food chopper to the larger Easy Pull Manual food chopper.

What is the Zyliss Food Chopper?

The Zyliss food chopper is a product of the Swiss manufacturer Zyliss. The company mainly specializes in the production of kitchen products. The Zyliss brand was founded by a trained bicycle mechanic and has been in the market since 1951. Their first product was an onion chopper. They partnered with IDEO, a design company, in 2001 and started producing other kitchen equipment like graters and slicers, food storage, and cutlery.

What does the chopper do?

The food chopper chops, blends, cuts, and purees various foods. It can be used in the preparation of a wide range of vegetables, including cucumbers and tomatoes. The chopper can also be used for more complex tasks such as chopping hard cheese, chocolate, and nuts.

How does the chopper work?

This Zyliss product has a stainless-steel blade that rotates as it cuts, producing fine chops. The chopping cup has measurement marks that will help in your food preparation. If, however, you need the cup to hold more, you can unscrew it from the base and turn it upside down. There are also wipers that work by rotating automatically to clean the cup as the blade extends to chop the vegetables. It has a winged lower body that opens up when cleaning and a plunger that locks down as you store it. You will have to hit the top with efficient force, as this will help the blades rotate, preventing vegetables such as onions from turning mushy. You can clean it either by hand or in a dishwasher. This means that you do not necessarily have to work a sponge around different parts, especially the blades, to wash it.

The Zick-Zick food chopper and the Zick-Zick 2 food chopper are small and portable. You can choose to make them travel companions because of their portability, preparing meals outside the kitchen. The texture of your final products will vary from fine to medium to coarse, depending on the pressure applied and the number of pulls. You can also incorporate the blending of several ingredients together depending on your recipe. The Easy Pull Manual chopper mixes, chops, purees, and blends without electricity.

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