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All You Need To Know About The Zmodo camera

Protect your home or office with the Zmodo Camera System. These nifty cameras are available on eBay in new and gently used condition and may include night vision, audio/video recording, and 105 to 360-degree views. Manage your security system through the Zmodo app, which can be downloaded onto Android or iPhone devices.

What are the different types of Zmodo security cameras?

Here are three different security camera systems that give a good range of options for any security need:

  • Zmodo 1080p 8CH HDMI NVR 4 720p Wireless Home Video Security Camera System 500GB - This indoor/outdoor security system is wireless and can connect to your home's Wi-Fi. Control and monitor the cameras with Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC devices. The cameras record in color in the daytime, and black-and-white infrared night vision after dark. Feel safer with its Wide Angle Intelligent Recording that can record up to 30 Days of video at a time, and up to 65 feet away. Choose to connect up to eight different cameras in every major place in your house, and monitor those eight channels from a personal device.
  • Zmodo 3 Wireless Smart IP WiFi HD IR Cut Home Security Camera 720P Two Way Audio - This indoor security system is also wireless and can be controlled with Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC devices. The cameras record in color by day, and black-and-white by night. The 2.1mm camera lens can record up to 30 feet away and features a 105-degree angle view. The most significant aspect of this camera is its two-way audio feature, which allows audio to be recorded, or audio can be spoken towards the subject.
  • Zmodo Pivot 1080p HD 360 Rotating Wireless AIO Security Camera System - This indoor/outdoor camera is a neat security system that features 360-degree views which pan and tilt as needed. Access and monitor the footage, recorded or live, on any Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC device. The camera includes infrared night vision, audio recording, and has a built-in memory.
Are all Zmodo cameras wireless?

Not all Zmodo security camera systems offer wireless connections. There are some, like the Zmodo 720p sPoE HD Dome Network Camera 3rd Generation Female MicroUSB ZP-IDQ13-S, or the Zmodo Full 1080p HDMI 8CH NVR Outdoor Security Camera PoE Repeater System 1TB HD that are wired. These systems are hooked up with wires and require electricity at all times to work. The neat thing about these cameras is that some are dome-shaped, and they can fit within the ceilings for near-concealed security.

How do you control/manage cameras from far away?

Many of the Zmodo security camera systems offer a Zmodo camera app to download to supported devices. From this app, you can view channels, watch live/recorded video, and listen to audio all without being in the home.

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