Zacuto ' A Benchmark for Filmmakers

Filmmaking is an intense and time-consuming process, which has the tendency to exhaust cameramen as they move heavy cameras from shot to shot. Keeping a rig balanced on your shoulders for long durations can drain mental and physical energy more quickly than you can imagine. If you are an avid filmmaker, it's time to think about Zacuto filmmaking accessories, which allows flexible all-day shooting in every condition.

What are different filmmaking products offered by Zacuto?

Zacuto's filmmaking products can be divided into four major segments that includes gratical EVF, recoil pro rigs, VCT pro baseplate, and gripper-series batteries. Luckily, all of these new and pre-owned products are easily available on eBay at reasonable prices:

  • Gratical EVF:There are three types of EVF for purchase. According to the company, these electronic viewfinders are designed in collaboration with five engineering companies. As a result, gratical EVF are able to provide a realistic visualization of the final image.
  • Recoil pro rigs:These single and double flip-up grips are able to keep commercial-grade cameras balanced on the shoulder without compromising picture quality and comfort.
  • VCT Pro baseplate:The baseplate distinguishes itself from the traditional baseplate by offering a balanced weight for both the lighter and heavier cameras. It means that a cameraman doesn't need to worry about balancing the camera anymore.
  • Gripper-Series batteries:Unlike traditional V-Mount batteries, gripper-series batteries are designed to mount on 15mm rods without the need for additional brackets and clamps.
What are the different types of Zacuto EVF products?

For the convenience of filmmakers, the company offers three different versions of electronic viewfinders. All of these versions start with 5.4 million pixel-OLED units and include a built-in diopter. The self-powered Gratical X incorporates HDMI and HD-SDI inputs. For added flexibility, Gratical HD offers both HDMI and HD-SDI inputs with cross-conversion capabilities. The third version, Gratical Eye, also features a proximity screen saver and outboard tally light.

What are the features of Zacuto's VCT Pro baseplate?

The VCT Pro baseplate is designed to offer a stable platform by balancing the camera at a meeting point of lens and camera body. It means that the adjustable rod mount is far back in the plate, enabling a greater accessory capable area compared to traditional baseplate. In addition, the adjustable rod riser helps keep a low profile, as the distance between the baseplate's bottom and your shoulder is always less than 1.2 inches.

Which cameras are compatible with Zacuto pro rigs?

The next generation pro rigs can be used with a variety of professional cameras. For instance, you can use recoil pro rigs and trigger grips with Cannon C100, C200, and C300 cameras. Similarly, Panasonic EVA1 cameras are also a good choice for Zacuto's Z-Finder and EVF recoil rigs. In fact, Zacuto provides support for SONY FS5 and SONY FS7 cameras as well.