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Photographing Using Auto Focus Film Cameras

A camera equipped with an auto focus motor allows you to rapidly focus in and freeze movement within a split-second time frame. Yashica auto focus motors were a standard feature of many of the company's compact point-and-shoot cameras, which you can still purchase today as vintage models. An auto focus motor offers a number of benefits, whether you use it as part of a compact or single-lens reflex camera.

What Are the Advantages of Using an Auto Focus Camera?

While there are certain situations where the fine-tuning of manual focus has its advantages, so to are there times when using auto focus helps you achieve the shot you want.

  • Capturing fast moving subjects, such as wild animals or people playing sports, can be almost impossible in manual focus. However, shooting in AF mode allows the camera to rapidly find a sharp focus and freeze the action with a speed that the human hand is not capable of.
  • There are also times when you can use manual and auto focus together to capture a scene, particularly when shooting landscape images. By setting the camera to AF and focusing at a certain depth of field, you can then switch to manual focus to recompose the scene and capture multiple exposures while keeping the same focal plane.

How Do AF Film Cameras Work?

Manufacturers made early AF film cameras much like range finder cameras, with two infrared sensors moving to match one another when the focus was correct.

  • This was the standard AF mechanism for many cameras, including both point-and-shoot compact devices and single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras, well into the 1990s.
  • Later auto focus motor film cameras use phase detection, with pairs of two sensors functioning like a split-screen prism in an SLR viewfinder. As the focus shifts, the image picked up by the two sensors unifies until it's accurately in focus.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Camera With Auto Modes?

Film cameras with AF capabilities are available as both compact point-and-shoots and single-lens reflex (SLR) models that you can pair with a range of different focal length lenses.

  • Look for Yashica auto focus cameras with a built-in flash for a compact travel companion or an SLR that you can pair with prime (50mm or 100mm) or variable focal length zoom lenses, such as a 28-70mm or 70-200mm.
  • When buying vintage cameras, always check for any signs of damage, such as scratched mirrors or fungus that may build up in the camera over time.