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Common Questions About Yaqin Home Audio Amplifiers and Preamps

Yaqin is one of just a few audio companies producing high-quality tube amplifiers and preamps on a large scale. Though many companies have fully transitioned their audio gear to solid state transistors, Yaqin maintains a tube and valve-based system in all of their gear. You can find many of their standout amps and preamps in new or used condition on eBay.

What kinds of Yaqin home amplifiers and preamps are there?

Yaqin has produced many home amplifier and preamp models, but most fall into some general categories. These categories include:

  • Headphone amplifiers - These amplifiers boost signals for power-hungry drivers within headphones. The company has made two models of headphone amplifier in the past.
  • Pre-amplifiers - These specialized pieces of equipment amplify a low-level sound into something loud enough for further amplifiers to pick up properly. Their primary pre-amplifier model is the MS-12B 2*12AX7, which includes two tubes and line input.
  • Tube amplifiers - Yaqin's primary amplifier uses vacuum tubes to create analog warmth when amplifying sound. Some of this company's tube amplifiers are highly sought after for their rich sound and fantastic audio quality.
  • Hybrid amplifiers - These combine the longevity of solid state transistors with the warmth of analog vacuum tubes. Because tube-based amplifiers can break suddenly and without warning, some amplifiers come with an intelligent solid state-tube hybrid design. The VK-2100 hybrid amplifier comes with four tubes.
How do you pick the right Yaqin pre-amp or amplifier?

Picking the right pre-amp or amplifier for you depends on the sound system you're aiming to use it with. If you need to pick up a very quiet signal and send it to another amplifier, then a pre-amp is the right choice. However, if you're trying to make your signal richer and warmer in quality, then there a few choices you could utilize. On eBay, it's easy to search and find the perfect, affordable amplifier or pre-amp for you.

If you're a guitarist or just an at-home audiophile, then you may want to pick up a tube amplifier. This will allow you to get or send tube-warmed signals to speakers of any size, provided you have a powerful enough amplifier. If you're a listener aiming for amplifier longevity and are willing to sacrifice some of the analog warmth you may otherwise get, then a hybrid amplifier is a good choice. This will give you some of the tube warmth while still giving you the portability and sturdiness of solid state technology.

How do you set up your Yaqin amplifier?

Setting up an amplifier requires a few steps after you've consulted the user manual. First, make sure the parts are all properly grounded and secured. Next, make sure the device you're sending a signal from is plugged in properly. Finally, switch the amplifier on and slowly turn up the gain.

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