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Women's Fishnet Pantyhose and Tights

Fishnet pantyhose and tights are surprisingly versatile. They are available in many sizes and colors and add flexibility and variety to women's wardrobes. Although fishnet stockings have to be handled with a little extra care, that should not stop women from choosing this fun and feminine style.

What are fishnet tights?

True fishnet tights are made of open-weave nylon mesh. The mesh is often diamond-shaped and can vary in size. Some companies make faux fishnets, which are patterned pantyhose that resemble true fishnet stockings. Fishnets are usually categorized by the openness of the fabric.

  • Classic fishnets - These are the stockings women think of when they think ""fishnets.""
  • Micronets - These have a smaller mesh. Sometimes, micronets look like regular patterned pantyhose unless you examine them closely.
  • Fencenets - These are also called whale nets or stringer nets. They have a larger mesh and expose a lot of skin.

What sizes, colors, and styles are available?

Fishnets are available in a plethora of colors and sizes, including petite sizes and plus sizes. There are styles for women who want old-fashioned features like back seams and lace, and there are styles for those who prefer something modern.

Where can women wear fishnet pantyhose?

  • Out on a date: Black fishnets add a sexy and playful twist to a date night outfit. This style of pantyhose creates flattering curves for all women. Pair them with a pencil skirt and stilettos for a classic look.
  • Out with friends: Make a statement on your next girls' night by experimenting with colors like white or red, wearing fishnets with heels and denim shorts, or layering fencenets over opaque tights.
  • The workplace: Micronets are a great way to add a little pizzazz to your work wardrobe while staying conservative and classy.

How do you properly care for fishnet pantyhose?

You need to care for your pantyhose and tights so that they do not tangle, break, or become shapeless.

  • Make sure you purchased the correct size. If you purchased hosiery that is too small, your tights are more likely to stretch and break.
  • Be sure to hand wash your fishnets. True fishnets are only mesh. They do not have extra fabric that covers the hips or thighs like some other types of hosiery. They will get tangled if you send them through a washing machine.
  • Be sure to dry fishnets by laying them out on a towel, rolling up the towel to soak up water, and then unrolling the towel so your hosiery can dry flat.