Inverno/neve Materiais de Fundo de Estúdio Fotográfico

Winter Snow Photo Studio Background Material

If you are a professional photographer or even a serious hobbyist, it's important to have a variety of backdrops. The right scene in the appropriate colors can make your subject shine. Winter and snow backgrounds are a perennial favorite for winter photographs.

What are winter photography backdrops made out of?

Winter backdrops can be made from several different materials. They have gradually evolved over the years from heavy canvas fabric to lightweight vinyl. You are most likely to find detailed snow scenes on vinyl, which has several advantages.

  • Vinyl is durable: The thick material will not tear like paper. It can be used repeatedly without the waste and replacement costs of throwaway paper.
  • Vinyl is wrinkle-free: This is its major advantage over cloth backgrounds. If it does happen to get creased, it can be steamed or ironed with a warm iron.
  • Vinyl is washable: All you have to do to clean even a white vinyl backdrop is wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge. You can do this quickly, even between photographs, without having to dismantle your display.
  • Vinyl can be stored in space-saving rolls: Since your studio will probably use more than one background, this is a great feature for storing your snow scenes during the other three seasons.
  • Vinyl backdrops come in glossy and matte finishes: The matte finish is free from glare. This is especially important for winter and Christmas scenes with snow since they may be predominantly white.
How big are winter, snow, or Christmas backdrops?

Different sizes of winter, snow, or Christmas backdrops are available. You will want to choose a size based on how many people you are photographing and if it will be a waist-up or full-length shot. For one or two people, a backdrop that is 5 feet wide is fine. You will want to go as wide as 8 feet for four or more people. For the height, 7 feet is a minimum for adults. A 10-foot-high backdrop will give you a greater artistic margin.

When you are choosing a winter or snow backdrop, keep the scene in mind. Many of these show a natural snow landscape or an indoor holiday scene. You want something that is big enough to frame your subjects rather than being hidden by them. Conversely, do not get a backdrop that is so big that the interesting features fall outside the picture.

How realistic are the pictures on winter snow backgrounds?

Winter, snow, and Christmas scenes are printed by computer for digital quality so that the colors are vivid and realistic, and the background will have natural depth.

How do you hang a photography backdrop?

There are two standard methods of hanging a backdrop. If it has a pocket or it has grommets at the top, you can hang the backdrop with a rod, much like how you would hang a curtain. Otherwise, the backdrop can be hung from a stand, which has clamps along the top edge that hold the backdrop. Winter, snow, and Christmas backgrounds may be available either way.