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Windshields for GMC Sonoma

The GMC Sonoma was a compact pickup truck produced from 1982 until 2004. The original body style of this pickup spanned 11 years with GMC giving the vehicle a redesign in mid-1993. The change in designs is indicative of the fuel economy measures taken by GMC after the new 1992 fleet fuel economy regulations took effect. One of the most important design changes took place in a windshield adjustment that increased the aerodynamic qualities of the vehicle.

What trim options were available on the Sonoma?

Depending on the features you were looking for, the GMC Sonoma offered three different trim levels: SL, SLS, and SLE. Both standard and automatic transmissions were available. Note that in each year, the windshield designs were the same regardless of the trim you selected.

  • SL: With this entry-level model, GMC provided standard vinyl bench seating and durability that make it a solid work truck.
  • SLS: This trim provided a significant set of feature improvements from the base trim that included cloth seats, cruise control, fog lights, alloy wheels, and air conditioning.
  • SLE: The SLE trim was the luxury option with added chrome exterior trim, more luxurious seating, and full-power features
What characteristics were involved in trim windshields before 1994?

Before 1994, windshields were slightly slanted to accommodate an increased view than that provided by straight windshields found in models before 1980. During this time windshields in pickup trucks developed a curve in their design that brought in more light while increasing lines of sight. The Sonoma windshield featured several characteristics similar to other GMC vehicles.

  • The windshield slowly curved from one side to the other with a prominent center point to accommodate the drivers view.
  • The windshields were tinted light green to minimize the harmful effect of the higher bands of light.
  • Each windshield featured a dark-green band across the top to shade the vision of front seat occupants.
  • Windshields were held in place by a glue formula that repelled water.
  • Windshield edges were bordered by a black plastic trim to restrict water contact further.
What characteristics were involved in trim windshields from 1994-2004?

After new regulations about fuel economy came out in 1992, auto manufacturers looked to conserve fuel wherever possible. One of the ways to conserve fuel was to increase the aerodynamic properties of their vehicles. For the Sonoma, this meant a change in the roof line so that the angle of the windshield decreased, effectively lowering wind resistance. To accommodate this change, the front posts connecting the body to the roof were angled back. The design change was so effective that GMC kept it from mid-1993 to 2004.

Although the windshield was tinted green as in former years, a subtle change to the dark shaded top came into play. The darkened section came in two types. Instead of a darker shade of green, the streak across the top of the windshield was either a dark blue to eliminate ultraviolet light or a dot-matrix form to break up light concentration.

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