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Porsche Cayenne Windshield Wiper Systems

Keep your Porsche Cayenne windscreen free of debris and running strong with your choice of windshield system components. Ranging from wiper blades to motors, these system parts exist to replace and upgrade your current equipment. More importantly, they help to keep you and your loved ones safer by keeping your driving field of vision clear.

Why do your windshield wiper blades sometimes squeak?

Windshield wiper squeak can be caused by various things, but the most common causes involve either the wiper blades or the windshield itself. When Porsche Cayenne wiper blades age or sustain damage, they may no longer form seals with the windshield. If this happens, squeaks and other noises are likely outcomes. To solve this issue, you should closely inspect the blades for signs of damage and install replacements as needed.

The second major cause of unwanted windshield noise is the glass itself. During washing or waxing, a foreign material can contaminate the surface of the windshield. This residue causes squeaks and obscures your vision when mixed with rainwater. Solving this dilemma depends on the nature of the offending substance, but applying a healthy dose of concentrated windshield washer fluid is a good first step.

What is park position?

Park position refers to the final resting spot of each wiper blade when the engine is off. Designers classify parking positions by the clockwise or counterclockwise direction of wiper blade travel. Blades that move clockwise to rest enjoy the CW designation, and those that travel counterclockwise to rest have the CCW moniker. These directions would apply to an observer standing in front of the windshield wiper blades.

How do pantograph and radial systems differ?

Pantograph systems use dual-arms, one of which rotates from an adapter while the other drives the pivot point. This gives these systems a gently curved, rectangular sweep area. Radial systems use one arm to operate the blade, producing a more rounded sweep area. Radial wiper systems tend to work well with wider windshields while pantographic models do fine with taller windscreens.

What are some common parts of your Porsche wiper system?

Each manufacturer includes special features in their vehicles, and Porsche is no different. That said, certain components appear in many windshield wiper systems, including:

  • Brushes
  • Grounding Plates
  • Drive Gears
  • Wiring and Logic
  • Dash Switches
Is there a trick to measuring Porsche wiper blades?

There is more to measuring Cayenne blades than may at first be apparent. This is partially due to the way wiper designers measure blades, which is from the blade connection to the center of the pivot point. If you remember these dimensions, then measuring wiper blades should pose no problems.