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Cadillac DeVille Window Motors and Parts

The Cadillac DeVille is a sedan model designed from the wheels up to include a number of options and parts that keep your ride comfortable. One of the most basic parts is the window motors that power your electric windows so that you can quickly adjust any windows in your vehicle without leaving the drivers seat. In order to continue this luxury, it may become necessary to replace or repair the Cadillac DeVille window motors and parts located inside of the door panels.

How do you get to widow motors in Cadillac DeVilles?

In order to access the window motors and parts inside of the DeVilles doors, you must first remove the trim and door panels by doing the following:

  • Step 1: Locate the bolt behind the door handle and loosen it.
  • Step 2: Find the bolts along the top and the bottom of the door. Remove these bolts.
  • Step 3: Pull away the panel as you pop the clips along the border out of their sockets.
  • Step 4: Be careful to disconnect any electrical components before completely pulling the panel away from the door.

Once the panel has been removed from your DeVille, you can take out the window motor by loosening the bolts holding it in place, or you can just check for damages as you see fit. If your Cadillac DeVille has insulation between the panel and door, keep in mind that you will need to peel that away as well.

What could indicate that the window motors are wearing out?

The motors in a Cadillac are the powerhouse for the windows and should be taken care of in order to continue the luxury of controlling them all from one central location. Signs that the power could be wearing down would start with the obvious: If your windows will not roll fully up or down, this could be an indication of a loss of power. Additionally, the same could be said if the windows are not moving as quickly as they once were. Finally, you can listen for the sound of the motors. With your vehicle turned off but the key turned to work the electrical components, you can listen for any signs of a grinding noise or humming that might indicate an issue within the motor.

What parts are connected to window motors in a DeVille?

Your Cadillac DeVille window motors have a number of electrical pieces that provide the actual power to slide the glass up and down. Other parts are connected to the window motor, working with the motor in much the same way that multiple components work together to make your steering wheel turn your vehicle. Other components attached to a window motor include a rotor arm, hinges, and the wiring leading to the controls on the armrest.