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Buick Regal Window Motors and Parts

The power windows on your Buick Regal use an electrical and mechanical system working together to operate properly. The control over the windows start with an electrical signal coming from a switch and ends with a mechanical structure lifting the window up and down. If you are going to repair or replace Buick Regal window motors and parts on your vehicle, here is an overview of how the systems work.

What parts make up the cars electrical system?

The electrical systems consist of three main parts to supply energy to the motors on the windows. These parts are the switches, relays, and wires.

  • Switches: The main panel for the switches is on the armrest of the driver’s side door. This switch panel controls all the windows on the Regal as well as having the capacity to override the single switch for the windows on each passenger door. All of the switches are connected to a relay.
  • Relay: The relay is located in the fuse box. The relay serves to increase the power the window motor needs to operate. If all the energy needed ran from the switch directly to the motor, the energy would cause the switch to overheat and burn out. Instead, when a switch is triggered, it sends a signal to the relay to open its circuits to let more power flow from it to the motor.
  • Wires: The switches, relays, and motor are connected through a series of wires. The wires run from the fuse box to the switch and back to a relay in the fuse box. The wires then connect the relay to the motor. The wires come with harnesses that plug into each other to make it easier to take the wiring system apart and put it back together again.
What parts are involved in the mechanical system?

The mechanical system also consists of three main parts: the motor, regulator, and cable.

  • Motor: The motor connects to the frame in the door and the cable that moves the regulator. When a switch activates the system, the motor will turn its shaft either clockwise or counterclockwise to pull the cable in different directions.
  • Cable: The cable is threaded into the regulator and through the motor. As the motor turns, the head of it grabs onto the cable and pulls it in one direction or the other.
  • Regulator: The regulator is a long metal track with a bracket to hold the window on it. As the cable goes in one direction, it lifts the bracket and the window up on the track. When it goes in the opposite direction, it lowers the bracket and window.
What type of parts are available?

There are OEM or original equipment manufacturer Buick GM parts, used, and aftermarket parts available for your Buick Regal.