Eliminate Dead Zones in Your Home With a Wi-Fi Repeater

Extend the range of your current internet connection with a Wi-Fi repeater. If your router is in another room or a good distance from your computer, it may be causing an interruption in the signal. eBay has new and pre-owned repeaters, extenders, and routers at affordable prices.

What does a wireless repeater do?

Basically, a wireless repeater acts as a secondary router. It picks up the signal from the main router like a radio, turns up the volume, and transmits it back with a stronger signal. Place the two devices within close proximity of each other to connect and rebroadcast the signal to areas of the home or office where there may be dead zones or areas the signal can't reach. There are several device types that can be used to boost or increase signal strength to other areas on the network. Here are some options:

  • Wi-Fi repeater
  • Range extender
  • Signal booster
  • Powerline adapter
What is the difference between a Wi-Fi repeater and booster?

Repeaters and extenders do pretty similar jobs. They pick up weak signals and transmit or rebroadcast them, creating a stronger signal and covering a larger area than the original signal strength did. Weak signals can result in slow connectivity and areas where there is no signal. Placing a wireless repeater between your computer and the main router can enable the computer to get a stronger signal and faster connection.

How do you set up a wireless repeater?

Setting up or installing a repeater is easy. You need a power source close to your computer to plug in the repeater. Log in to the repeater and input the details of your wireless network, such as SSID and password. Attach the two devices by ethernet cable or use the wireless function to create another access point within your home.

These devices use the same type of network security as your router, so you don't have to worry about someone hacking your network. They use the same type of encryption and the standard WEP and WPA2/WPA mixed mode.

Can you use more than one wireless repeater?

Yes, you can use more than one repeater to extend your wireless network. This is especially good if you live in a home with more than one level and the main router is on the bottom floor. Place your devices strategically in the areas where you need a signal for wireless devices in that area. Gaming systems without Wi-Fi can connect via ethernet to a router placed in the same location.