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White House Black Market Dresses for Women

White House Black Market offers boutique-style dresses in many different sizes, cuts, and lengths. Both casual and formal styles are available from White House Black Market.

What types of dresses does White House Black Market sell?

White House Black Market is a women's boutique store that carries clothing in a variety of styles, including weekend casual clothing, business attire, and formal dresses. Casual styles from this store include floral shift dresses and knit cold-shoulder dresses. The White House Black Market collections of little white and little black dresses include wardrobe styles that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Formal styles often feature embellishments like these:

  • Black or white lace trim
  • Intricate beadwork
  • Fringe accents
  • Metallic prints
What are features of White House Black Market dresses?

White House Black Market sells boutique dresses that are exclusive to this chain of stores. The idea for each dress is conceived by the company's in-house design department. Particular attention is paid to fit and sizing.

What dress sizes does White House Black Market offer?

Women who wear sizes XXS through XL can shop for a dress from the regular line of White House Black Market. In addition to lettered sizes, some dresses have numerical sizes between 00 and 16. White House Black Market also has a plus-size department that carries dress sizes 1X through 3X or 14W through 24W. The petite line has dresses in sizes XXSP through XLP. Some petite dresses are sized numerically: 00P through 16P. To find your fit in regular, plus, or petite sizes from White House Black Market, measure your bust, arm, waist, and low hip and also check the White House Black Market sizing chart.

How should you care for your dress?

To clean your dress, consult the care tag on your garment. You'll find that a large percentage of clothing from White House Black Market can be machine washed, but care instructions can vary based on the style, fabric, and embellishments of each individual piece. A dress with intricate details such as beads may require a particular type of care. Some garments should only be spot-cleaned. Here are some other tips to follow when caring for your dress:

  • A machine-washable dress should always be washed in cold water.
  • A hand-washable dress should also be washed in cold water.
  • A dry-clean-only dress should only be professionally cleaned.
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