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Nissan 370Z Wheel Lugs

If you own the sporty Nissan 370Z, you want to keep it looking sharp. Having all wheel lugs in place can add to the appearance, and they are easy to replace. You can put on a new set of rims and lugs all around for a sleek, custom look.

What is the bolt pattern of the Nissan 370Z?

All models of this Nissan have a bolt pattern of 5 by 114.3. The first number is the number of lug nuts on each wheel, so your 370Z has a total of 20 lug nuts. When the lug nuts are mounted on the rims, they form a circle. The diameter of this circle is the second number of the bolt pattern: 114.3 millimeters for the 370Z.

What are the Nissan 370Z lug nut specs?

The first thing to know is if your Nissan 370Z has the factory rims, you should only use OEM or OEM replacement lug nuts. There are many aftermarket lug nuts available for this vehicle, but they are designed for aftermarket rims.

The specs of a Nissan lug nut are the thread size, thread pitch, seat type, length, and diameter.

  • Thread size and pitch: The thread size and pitch for the Nissan 370Z are expressed as 12 by 1.25. The first number is the thread size. This is a measure of the lug bolt diameter given in millimeters. It includes the width of the threads. The second number is the thread pitch. This is the distance in millimeters between the threads on the lug bolt. The thread size and pitch of the lug nuts must match the lug bolts to be compatible.
  • Seat type: The seat of a lug nut is the part that fits against the rim. The factory lugs on the Nissan 370Z have a flat seat with a shank and washer. The shank extends the part of the nut that engages with the bolt. This is necessary for secure attachment and is the reason you should use these nuts with the factory rims.
  • Length: If your Nissan 370Z rims leave the lugs exposed, there are styles of various lengths to suit your taste. Keep the general rule in mind that the nuts must engage a distance equal to or greater than the diameter of the bolt.
  • Diameter: Some replacement rims for this 370Z coupe are designed with narrow holes that the lugs must fit through. Spline drive nuts are made for this type of rim. They have a small diameter and require a thin socket to tighten and remove them.