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Wheel Hubs and Bearings for Toyota Tundra

Since 2000, the Toyota Tundra has been sold as a full-sized pickup truck through two different generations with different types of engines, body styles and cab combinations, suspensions and drivetrains, and special trim packages and editions. The type of wheel hubs and bearings for Toyota Tundra that owners select will depend on the trucks use and owner driving habits. Toyota Tundra pickups that are used for heavy hauling, towing, and off-road purposes will require different grades of hub and wheel bearing than trucks that are driven on city streets that are easier on bearings and hubs.

Can Tundra wheel hubs be replaced one at a time?

Most wheel bearing assemblies will last for many thousands of miles under normal driving conditions, but occasionally, one wheel bearing will experience problems, which show in the form of the steering wheel and wheel noises while driving at various speeds. Owners can replace a single wheel hub and bearing assembly or single replacement parts for Toyota Tundra. However, Toyota repair manuals recommend to replace both right and left front or rear hub and bearing assemblies at the same time for purposes of suspension, balance, and wear on tires.

Are heavy-duty hubs and bearings available for the Tundra?

Toyota Tundras that see heavy driving use, either for off-road purposes or by towing or hauling, may need hubs and bearings that are manufactured to heavy-duty standards. Many OEM manufacturers and aftermarket assemblies are available with a variety of technologies that offer heavier-duty performance than stock hub assemblies and wheel bearings. Some aftermarket heavy-duty wheel bearings for Toyota include oversized ball bearings and factory-sealed, high-viscosity lubrication.

What is the difference between genuine Toyota and OEM parts?

Tundra owners may shop for a hub, rear wheel bearings, and additional related parts for their trucks front or rear wheels that are genuine Toyota replacements or Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM components. Original equipment manufacturers make replacement components for vehicles that meet Toyota factory standards for performance and durability and are made by Toyota for Tundra and other Toyota vehicles.

Which hubs and bearings fit Tundras with ABS systems?

Owners should choose hub and wheel bearing assemblies with ABS capability. However, the model, year, and trim of Toyota Tundra will determine which type of assembly will work with the ABS system and sensor. Some complete hub and wheel bearing assemblies come with ABS sensors and connectors to the Toyota Tundra ABS system.

Which other Tundra hubs parts are available?

Axles and suspension systems connect to hubs and wheel bearing assemblies. Additional equipment available for the front end of the Tundra includes front steering knuckle spindles and grease caps. Center support kits, rear wheel bearing kits, backing plate kits, and grease seals are replacement equipment that aftermarket and OEM manufacturers offer for Toyota Tundra wheels are also available.