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Chevrolet Uplander Wheel Hubs and Bearings

Since the wheels are constantly in motion whenever youre driving your Chevrolet Uplander, the wheel hub assembly and the bearings that go with it may occasionally need maintenance, care, or replacement. This is normal for any vehicle, including the Chevrolet Uplander, and a worn wheel hub or bearing can cause grinding between one or more parts. Its important to choose an assembly that matches the specifications of your Chevrolet Uplander.

How should you choose wheel hubs and bearings?

While there are different types and styles of wheel hubs available, you should always start by making sure the hubs or bearings you want are compatible with the model of Chevrolet you own, such as the Uplander. Some assemblies will work across multiple iterations of Chevrolet cars, but most parts are constructed within a certain set of parameters, including hubs and bearings.

  • Some hubs and bearings are designed to work with cars of a particular make or model.
  • Others will match the trim of the vehicle, such as the base, LT, or LS Uplander passenger vans.
  • The model year and type of engine in the Chevrolet will also affect which hubs and wheel bearings you should use in your wheel hub assembly. Hubs are designed to spin heavy loads at a constant rate and duration. Engine size and power should be compatible with the assembly.
How should you care for wheel bearings and hubs?

For vehicles like the Uplander, there are some preventative measures you can take with your hubs and wheel bearings. Performing occasional spot checks and maintenance on your wheel hub assemblies and their bearings may help increase their longevity and performance.

  • First, you should remove the wheel bearings from your wheel hubs and clean them.
  • After thoroughly cleaning the bearings, inspect them for any wear or imperfections.
  • If the bearings are in good condition, simply put them back and pack them with fresh grease. The new grease allows the parts to continue moving as normal without grinding against one another.
When should wheel hub assemblies be replaced?

All mechanical parts eventually sustain enough wear and tear to need replacing. It is especially important to know when and how to do this with wheel hub assemblies. When they start taking on too much wear, wheel bearings can generate large amounts of heat that can cause significant damage to your Uplander and its transmission. In some cases, the wheels may even lock up and refuse to move as they normally would. Generally, if you hear a distinctive "whirring" noise when turning the steering wheel, you should check whether the wheel hubs need to be replaced. Excessive play when you turn the wheel also means that parts need to be replaced.