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Use Sashes to Match Your Chairs to Wedding Decor

To delight your guests at a wedding reception, you need stylish chairs that match the colors and theme of your wedding. Using a chair sash is an easy way to add color to any seating arrangement and give a plain piece of furniture a festive touch. eBay offers these decorative accessories in all the hues of the rainbow, with various fastening options for securing them to chairs.

How do you put a wedding sash on a chair?

Before you add this adornment, you will need to set the chair in place, unfolding it if necessary, and slide the cover over the back if you are using one. You can then try one of these methods for attaching the sash:

  • Slide-on - These simple sashes come already tied or knotted. All you have to do is slip it over the top of the chair.
  • Tie-on - This is the most common style. You wrap it around the chair back multiple times and then tie it in a big, fluffy bow or knot.
  • Clip-on - Sashes with a bow wrap around the chair and clip in the back. These often use decorated buckles.
  • Dangle - Some styles just dangle from the back of the chair, so all you have to do with one of these is hook it over a crossbar.
Is it possible to purchase used sashes?

Though most chair sashes are sold in brand-new condition, it is possible to find used ones. This can be an excellent way to save money, since many wedding planners are looking to pass them along after they have been used once. If you are interested in used sashes, it is helpful to select an item that is washable. This will let you make the item look as good as new again, regardless of its condition.

What materials are sashes made from?

There are many beautiful materials to choose from when shopping for chair sashes on eBay:

  • Spandex - This stretchy material helps the chair sashes to fit over bulky chair covers or slim chairs.
  • Organza - Fluffy organza material has a sheer and slightly glossy look.
  • Linen - Linens have a soft, textured feel, and this style of sash has a very rustic appearance.
  • Taffeta - Taffeta chair sashes have a crisp texture and a smooth shine.
  • Satin - Satin is very glossy and creates a sash that drapes well.