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Mitsubishi Eclipse Water Pumps

The Mitsubishi Eclipse was a compact sports coupe (also available as a convertible) manufactured from 1989 to 2011. Many Eclipse models use a water pump system to keep the engine cool; when this pump goes bad, Eclipse drivers should find a replacement part as soon as possible. Driving without a working pump can negatively impact overall driving performance behind the wheel.

What does the Mitsubishis water pump do?

To operate at peak performance, the Mitsubishi Eclipse engine needs to maintain a consistent temperature. If the engine gets too hot, it can lead to total car failure. The water pump is instrumental to the temperature regulation process. It directs the flow of coolant throughout the engine and back to the radiator where the coolant is cooled again by a fan. The water pump, which usually has an impeller design, is connected to the drive belt. The turning belt forces the pump to rotate, and the pumps blades send coolant were it needs to go.

What are some signs of malfunctioning water pumps?

When a Mitsubishi Eclipse has a malfunctioning water pump, the car will start to exhibit specific signs, such as:

  • Whining sounds: When Mitsubishi water pump bearings start to go bad, the belts connected to the pump start to slacken. Loose belts cause noise as they circulate through the vehicle, which often takes the form of a high-pitched, whining sound. This noise can be heard coming from the front of the motor, and it often reaches a fever pitch when the vehicle accelerates.
  • Coolant leak: Inside of water pumps, there are multiple gaskets responsible for keeping the coolant sealed and flowing in the right direction. When gaskets get old, however, the coolant often leaks out of the pump. When this happens, Eclipse drivers may notice puddles of greenish coolant beneath their parked car.
  • Radiator steam: An overheated radiator is the most severe consequence of a broken water pump. If the pump is unable to maintain a consistent internal temperature, the radiator will become too hot and start to steam. When this happens, Eclipse owners should cease all vehicle operation until the problem is fixed. If they dont, they could seriously damage the internal mechanics of their Mitsubishi car.
  • Engine temperature gauge issues: Eclipse drivers who are worried about their water pump should take a look at their cars temperature gauge. If its consistently displaying excessively high temperatures, the pump isnt successfully distributing coolant. When a car runs on too-hot temperatures for too long, it can cause damage, ranging from burnt pistons to broken cylinder heads.
How do you choose a pump?

Mitsubishi Eclipse drivers have two basic options when selecting a new water pump. First, they can choose an original equipment manufacturers part. OEM parts are manufactured by Mitsubishi, and when drivers choose one compatible with their Mitsubishi model, its guaranteed to suit their vehicle. Second, they can select an aftermarket pump. These may not be designed specifically for Mitsubishi Eclipse models, but because there arent many water pump variations, aftermarket pumps provide satisfactory performance.