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Photography Backdrops for Professional Imagery

eBay offers multiple, original photography backdrops for the experienced photographer or photo hobbyist. A wide array selection for material, design and functionality will make your photo stand out in class. Backdrops are designed for cross-over use no matter what season or lighting environment.

What is included with each backdrop product?

Each photography backdrop package includes clamp, clip, material fabric, and support stand (or no support stand) as needed. Backdrop units are collapsible, material reversible, spot washable, and bring telescopic functionality to the photographer. A wide array of color choices are available that fall within the primary/non-primary color spectrum. Fabrics are also varied. The prospective customer may choose from canvas, cotton, chromakey, fantasy cloth, muslin, paper, polyester, velour, velvet or vinyl photography backdrops. Vinyl backdrops for photography purposes are increasingly popular.

Why use a backdrop?

Photographers must have the ability to focus the visual image, reduce light or reflective light sources, and target the subject for quality photo capture. Multiple photography takes are expensive in overhead cost and possible equipment degradation. The backdrop provides the image functionality first time. Photography lightweight backdrop material can either be used for a solid-looking background visual when hung flat or can be draped over surfaces to transform the look of an image. Fabric characteristics for fold enable the photographer to create multiple image types merely from the fold of the backdrop fabric. Unwanted subject components may be hidden. Other subject characteristics may be enhanced from the backdrop product. Photographers must be able to vary indoor/outdoor functional image capture.

Is there a branded selection available for backdrops?

Yes, eBay offers almost 24 branded backdrop products. Some brands include:

  • Cool-Lux
  • Godox
  • Red
  • Savage
  • Smith-Victor brand names

The photography occupation is creative. The backdrop is an essential tool for the trade. You want to find the uniqueness, ease of maintenance, and re-usability functionality best suited to your needs. eBay offers these backdrop products to fit any professional or hobbyist photography need. Portrait or flash photography, even posed groupings, may utilize the same backdrop. Versatility is paramount with so many types of photography in play. The backdrop is engineered to integrate visual image type. Do you want to create the look of location shooting? The selection is there. All backgrounds and support systems are easy to set up and break down. Vinyl photography backdrops, as in all materials on offer, are easily cleaned with a damp cloth or merely dusted to achieve full patina. Select the flexible solution for your photography space.