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Vince Sweaters for Women

Vince sweaters for women come in a wide array of colors that include blue, black, white, red, ivory, and green. They also come in many different sizes for women that can be divided into four distinct categories of regular, petite, plus, and junior sizes.

Which styles are Vince sweaters available in?
  • Cardigan: This is a type of sweater that is knitted and is fastened down the front. It is typically thin in nature and comes with long sleeves. While this type of outerwear is primarily designed to be left open with a shirt underneath, there are usually buttons down the front.
  • Pullover: A pullover is a type of thin sweater, usually with long sleeves, that is put on by taking it over the head. It usually extends down to around the waist.
  • Turtleneck: This is a type of garment where the neck of the sweater extends to the upper portion of the neck and is turned over. It is also usually close-fitting.
  • V-neck: This is a specific type of sweater wherein the neck of the garment forms a V with two straight lines that meet at a specific point. They are usually designed to be worn over dress shirts or similar pieces of clothing.
  • Crewneck: This is a type of design where the neck of the sweater is close-fitting and is rounded without any type of collar.
What are the different patterns that Vince sweaters come in?

Vince sweaters come in an array of different patterns that include floral and geometric patterns. Some of the common patterns with these pieces of clothing include solid, striped, plaid, and textured. It is also possible to find sweaters with such patterns as Nordic, animal, shiny, and polka dot.

Which materials are these sweaters made from?
  • Cashmere: This is a type of wool that is comprised of thin and wispy threads and is obtained from certain species of goats. Before being used in the creation of sweaters, the hair is removed from the wool and spun into fibers.
  • Cotton: This is a white substance with a fibrous nature that is situated around the seeds of certain subtropical and tropical plants. There are several different types of cotton, which is largely determined by the location that the cotton was taken from. It is sometimes blended with other natural and synthetic fibers to create distinct blends with qualities from each fiber.
  • 100% wool: This is a thin, wavy, or curly hair that is taken from the coat of a goat or sheep. This substance is primarily comprised of protein and can be made into yarn before being used in sweaters.
  • Merino wool: This is a type of wool that is taken directly from the Merino sheep species, which are primarily found in Australia.
  • Lace: This is a type of material that is made through the knitting, looping, or twisting of other fabrics such as silk or cotton into different patterns.
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