Viewfinders for Canon Cameras

When you are taking pictures, it can be important to clearly see what you are looking at. A viewfinder can help you focus on certain things when you are out snapping photos of friends and family or documenting beautiful vistas found in nature. There are many options when you are shopping for viewfinders for Canon cameras.

What is a viewfinder?

A viewfinder is a component of a camera that lets you see what the camera sees. When taking a picture, you would look through the viewfinder to realize exactly what your image will be. Here are some basic categories that can differentiate viewfinder models from one another.

  • Pentaprisms versus pentamirror: With pentaprism finders, the light is redirected from the lens to the viewfinder by way of a glass prism. These can produce bright images. In contrast, pentamirrors direct light with the use of mirrors. These mirrors are typically made out of plastic.
  • Optical or electronic: An optical viewfinder can work without electricity. It is often located on the top or side of a camera, and you would put your eye right up to it to see what you are taking a picture of. Because the viewfinder is not positioned exactly in the same spot as the lens, the image will be slightly different from what the actual picture will show. An electronic viewfinder, as the name implies, requires some source of power. This type typically consists of a liquid crystal display (LCD) on the back of a DSLR camera. You can use the screen and the accompanying buttons to review photos and videos and change any camera settings. An LCD screen might be able to swivel out to help you with different shooting angles. If a camera has an LCD electronic viewfinder, it usually also has an optical one.

What other features do Canon viewfinders have?

There are several options that you can consider, including:

  • Diopter: This is a device that can correct or enhance your vision, just as your glasses might. With a viewfinder that comes with a diopter, you can look through the window without your glasses on if you are near or farsighted.
  • Magnification: Viewfinders can magnify the images you see. While a viewfinder with 1x magnification would show you the same image as what you would see with your naked eye, a viewfinder with 2x magnification would double the size of the image.

What are some examples of Canon viewfinders?

Examples of viewfinders offered by Canon include:

  • Neewer Perfect 1x - 2.5x Right Angle View Finder
  • Astromania 1x/2.5x Magnification Right Angle View Finder

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