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Victoria’s Secret Bergamot Scent Body Spray and Mist

Victoria’s Secret offers a wide selection of fragrances, body lotions, essential oil products, and other beauty items that combine a balanced blend of fruity, citrus, and floral notes. Their bergamot oil body mists are made from calming, refreshing essential oils meant to help uplift your mood.

What are some of the Victoria’s Secret’s bergamot oil products?

Victoria’s Secret offers a variety of beauty products that utilize the scent of essential oil of the bergamot fruit. Among the women's lines from Victoria's Secret and Victoria's Secret Pink that use the fragrance of bergamot oil are the following:

  • Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Blush: This line blends bergamot and freesia oil and comes as a parfum mist, traditional perfume, body lotion, body gel, and more.
  • Victoria’s Secret Pink Cool and Bright: Mixing oil of bergamot with oil of magnolia, this line from Victoria's Secret Pink brand includes a bergamot body wash and scrub, body lotion, and body mist in both regular and travel sizes.
  • Victoria’s Secret At First Sight Romantic: This combines the scents of bergamot, as an essential oil, and violet in a body scrub and body mist.
  • Victoria’s Secret Pink Study Sesh: This “mood mist” from Pink is a bergamot essential oil spray meant to help stimulate you and keep you fresh and alert. You can use the bergamot oil spray to freshen the air in a room.
What are the fragrance notes for the bergamot oil body mists?

Victoria’s Secret offers a variety of bergamot oil parfum mists that feature different perfume oil aromas mixed with the bergamot, such as fresh essential oils of magnolia and a splash of bergamot oil. There are also Italian bergamot oil perfumes with water breeze and narcissus oil. Other Victoria’s Secret bergamot fragrances combine calming floral and fruity notes, like citrus bergamia, rose oil, citrus, yellow floral, and green.

What is the fragrance concentration in Victoria's Secret bergamot products?

Victoria’s Secret women's parfum mists typically contain a moderate concentration of perfume between 5% and 15%. Applying more of the Victoria’s Secret perfume and layering them on top of bergamot oil scented body creams and lotions may help lock in the bergamot aroma and create a stronger scent. This light concentration also allows it to be combined with other Victoria's Secret essential oil products.

What is a body mist and spray?

Bergamot body sprays contain a mild blend of water along with essential oils with a variety of additional top notes. These women's fragrances usually include a lower level of concentration than perfumes, and they are designed to be used for everyday wear. Bergamot oil body sprays can be sprayed on the skin and clothes to create an invigorating aroma.

How do you apply body sprays and mists that include bergamot oil?

Apply the bergamot body spray following a shower or bath and after applying lotion as part of your regular beauty routine. You can spray the essential oil mist on the pulse points of your body, like the neck and wrists. You can also spray the mist into the air and then walk through it for an all-over light scent. Because women's bergamot sprays have a light scent, it’s reasonable to apply more of the essential oil mist to create a long-lasting scent.

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