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HDMI Cables With D Sub Hardware for Computer Equipment

D sub female VGA cables can transmit a digital signal. You can use these accessories as a converter to connect an HDMI signal to a projector or computer monitor that has a VGA port. These adapters are compatible with the cables that power general CPU and gaming equipment.

What are the design specs for D sub VGA female adapter cables?

A typical D sub converter has two pieces that are attached to a short cable length. On one end, there is a piece that mounts in a dock that's found on a monitor housing. The opposite piece has a full-size housing that's designed with a port for another CPU cable. Many brands make the converter cord, plug, port, and base with a black or white color scheme.

What are the VGA adapter converter options?

Many D sub VGA adapter accessories are manufactured with hardware such as adapter converter dongles that support different technologies, including:

Micro-DVI-I female: These female converter adapters have two components that are connected to a 4.3 cord. The adapter can transmit a signal from a projector or monitor to the following male connectors:

  • DisplayPort Male: DisplayPort is display interface that supports a digital audio and video format. These pieces have a thin connector that docks in a compatible docking port.
  • HDMI 1.4 mini male: These cables can be used with computer hardware and HD televisions. An average HDMI 1.4 mini male has a compact design and a 10cm cord.
  • HDMI 1.4 standard female: HDMI 1.4 standard female accessories can display an HD signal or a super HD signal. Many cables have a port that's attached to a short cord.
  • HDMI micro female: These cables are manufactured with a standard plate or a gold-plate. Most accessories have 19 pins that convert an HD signal.
  • HDMI standard male: Standard HDMI cables are also built with a silver or gold plate. Many of these products are up to 100 feet long.
What are the VGA cable brands and usage requirements?

Dell is one of the manufacturers that build cables for various consumer electronic products. Generic brands make different pieces for HDMI ports on monitor panels as well. All cables by Dell and the generic brands can convert a 1080p or 720p signal.

To use a cable, you'll have to attach a proper adapter to the correct port. Some units are designed with a mechanism that snaps in place, and a few pieces must be secured by twisting screw mechanisms.

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