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How to Find and Apply Decals for Your Computer

We use our computers every day for work and recreation, and although there are many different brands and models of computer around, most of them look the same. If you want a way to customize your computer and personalize it to suit your taste, a decal or sticker is a simple way to do this. Before you can learn how to apply them, you need to find one that you like, whether it's a character you like from a TV show or video game, a colorful pattern, or the logo of one of your favorite brands. One or a few stickers on your computer can make it instantly recognizable as your own and give it the personality that it might have been lacking.

What Types of Decals Are There?

Choosing a decal for your computer involves considering a few factors about what you're looking for. There are different decals that serve different purposes, whether it's to personalize your computer or decorate it purely for aesthetic reasons. Here are some features to think about when choosing your new decals.

  • Sizes : Depending on how much of your computer you wish to cover, there are small stickers from around one inch tall to larger ones that will cover the entire case.
  • Material : The most common sticker material is vinyl, however there are other plastics and fabrics to choose from.
  • Design : There are many designs including themed stickers like Star Wars, Nike, and Street Fighter, or generic patterns, images, and colors to choose from. You can also choose custom universal stickers with your own design.
  • Device : In addition to sticking them on your vehicle, these decals are universal which means they suit a number of products. Whether you have a Mac, Samsung, Lenovo or other device, most universal decals should fit them all.

How Do You Stick Them On?

Whether they're custom made or generic, universal stickers and decals will almost always apply the same. These are the steps to take when you're ready to apply your new vinyl decal.

  • Instructions : Check for instructions with your decal to see if there's anything specific that the manufacturer recommends first.
  • Preparation : Dust off and clean the area where your sticker will go and ensure it's dry.
  • Application : Lay the sticker graphic side down on a clean surface, peel the backing off, and then carefully lay down onto the computer surface. Use a ruler or squeegee to get any air bubbles out as you stick it on.

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