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Give a Nod to the Past With a Type II Cassette

You may have thought you'd never see another cassette tape when you exchanged your Walkman for an MP3 player. However, blank cassette tapes have made a huge comeback in the last few years, and they look like they are here to stay. Find the cassettes you need on eBay

What's the difference between type I and type II cassettes?

A type I cassette is your basic cassette tape. Type II cassettes are also referred to as chrome or high bias cassette tapes. Depending on what you are using the tapes for, you may prefer one type over the other. Users with less of a discerning ear do not notice a large difference in the two types. Musicians and other artists who listen to audio over and over will form a preference. A type II cassette has a higher frequency response than type I. This makes it possible to record at a higher level without noticeable distortion. A type I cassette will generally cost less than a type II cassette.

Are cassette tapes still manufactured in the US?

Cassette lovers have had a harder time locating their favorite tapes in recent years. For some time, it seemed like the digital world of CDs and MP3s were going to make cassettes obsolete. Luckily for cassette fans, the film Guardian of the Galaxy in 2014 brought cassette tapes back to the general public. The National Audio Company produced the Awesome Mix #1 tape for the film, and cassette tape sales began to rise. In 2014, 10 million cassette tapes were made, and sales crept up every year after that. This led to a shortage of tapes from the manufacturer, so in January of 2018, the National Audio Company stepped in once again and became the only manufacturer in the entire world of new tape stock.

How long are most cassette tapes?

Cassettes come in several different lengths. This means the length of time, in minutes, that a tape can record and play. You will see tapes marked with a C and then a number. The number is the total number of minutes on the tape. Remember to divide that number in half to see how many minutes you have per side. The most common lengths are C46, C60, C90, and C120. Although there are other varieties available, you may have to do some digging around on eBay to find them.