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Tripp Lite Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Keeping your valuable electronics safe from damage is very important, and using a quality uninterruptible power supply system from Tripp Lite is a great way to help accomplish this. Using a Tripp Lite uninterruptible power supply can help prevent damage to electronics caused by a variety of different electrical anomalies which can often go unnoticed by end users, including line noise and electrical surges. These electrical phenomena can damage connected electronics over time, decreasing their useful lifespans.

What is an uninterruptible power supply?

An uninterruptible power supply, is an electrical device solution that is capable of immediately supplying a source of electricity to an electrical system in the event of a blackout. The uninterruptible power supply system is able to sense when the regular supply of electricity is cut off and is able to supply a backup to a computer or whole rack from an internal source, usually a battery. Some models use other electrical or mechanical means of energy storage. The length of time that an uninterruptible power supply is able to keep a system running, also referred to as the runtime, depends on how many different connections are being used by the system. Times average under 10 minutes of operation, which provides ample time to either switch on an auxiliary generator or shut down the equipment properly and avoid damage.

What can a uninterruptible power supply system protect against?

While commonly used for supplying emergency backup power to sensitive electrical devices that could be severely damaged by a sudden loss of power, uninterruptible power supply systems from Tripp Lite, with proper management, are often capable of reacting to a number of other electrical anomalies that could potentially cause damage, including:

  • Surge/Noise Protection: Tripp Lite UPS systems are able to detect and respond to sudden changes in the supplied voltage, which can cause a dangerous overload and damage many electrical components. These UPS systems are also able to filter out most common line noise, random fluctuations in the voltage source that can erode and deteriorate electrical components, reducing their lifespans.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation: Tripp Lite uninterruptible power supply models have automatic voltage regulation capabilities, which means that they are able to regulate many small variations in voltage without having to switch over to battery backup. Frequent switches between battery and outlet sources can degrade the quality of the battery and reduce its life, which could leave your electrical equipment vulnerable in the event of an electrical disruption.
What is a double-conversion uninterruptible power supply?

A double-conversion uninterruptible power supply offers protection from surges or voltage fluctuations to connected electronics by providing dual separation between the electrical supply and anything connected to the uninterruptible power supply. Under normal operating conditions, the uninterruptible power supply converts incoming alternate current into a direct current, and then recreates an alternating current on the other end from scratch to be used by anything plugged into the uninterruptible power supply. This level of separation provides a greater degree of safety by providing a physical barrier to the incoming current, which has to go through filtering and reconstruction before passing through the uninterruptible power supply.