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Travel Maps

A geographic map is a symbolic representation of the space between places. Maps for traveling facilitate getting to your destination without becoming lost along the way. There are world maps, maps of one continent or country, such as the USA, and maps of states or cities to help you enjoy a great holiday experience or world adventure.

What are the features of a world map for traveling?
  • Legend - A travel map has a legend. The legend identifies important symbols that you will see on the paper, such as a state or national capital city, wilderness areas, national parks, and the borders of a country, state, or park.
  • Landmarks - Maps of cities often show local landmarks such as statues, historic buildings, and recreational areas. Activities around certain areas, such as swimming or other water activities, may be noted. Byways, roads, bridges, and interstates are often noted as landmarks.
  • Color-coded labeling - Color-coded labeling makes it easier to find places. Different colors are used for capital cities, states, countries, and continents. Color coding also applies to the names of rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. Color coding may be combined with the use of progressively larger font sizes or bold lettering to denote larger places.
How do you use a travel map?
  • Hiking in the wilderness - If you are on a hike of the Denali, the tundra of Alaska, Yellowstone, or Yosemite, a map can help you get your geographic bearings. Your adventure should go more smoothly when you can easily navigate to the places you want to visit from your list of vacation destinations.
  • Driving on a vacation - When you are traveling on the road with one or more states or cities as destinations, a travel map helps you navigate. In remote areas, the map helps you find your way, especially if your smartphone does not have a signal.
  • Walking through a city - If you love to explore cities in the USA, a map may help your holiday visit go smoothly. When you travel, you may wish to have the map handy for planning your travel route.
  • Documenting your world adventure - After your tour of seeing great countries and cities around the world, you can hang up the map and document your travel experiences with pins for each place you stopped at.
How do you choose a travel map?

There are many considerations to keep in mind when selecting a travel map. One important consideration is which cities, states, or countries you plan to visit. If you plan to spend most of your time in one great city, you may wish to have a more detailed piece that includes landmarks, hotels, and other important things to know for a great travel experience. For a road trip, your journey across the USA may require maps that show a region, such as the South or Midwest. When traveling across the USA, a North American map will show the major interstates. For travel experiences around the world, choose a world map that shows capital and large cities, rivers, and national borders.