Acomodações de Viagem

Travel Lodging

Traveling is a wonderful way to escape the busy routine of daily life while getting the opportunity to experience new places and activities, and it's important to plan your vacation in advance to ensure that you have a relaxing and stress-free trip. Whether you are looking for a winter mountain retreat to a ski town or for ocean-side adventures, there are many lodging possibilities that provide a great place to spend your time. These options range from hotels and luxurious resorts to entire homes and cozy cabins, and each accommodation includes varying things, so consider your needs and desires when booking your getaway.

How does a time-share work?

A time-share is an arrangement where several individuals own a vacation home and split the cost of the property and time spent at the property based on an agreement. This property can be a condo, house, houseboat, villa, or other lodging, so there are many opportunities when searching for a time-share. A time-share allows you to travel and spend time at the same destination year after year.

How do you pick the right lodging for a vacation?

There are many variables to take into consideration when looking for the right kind of place to stay on vacation.

  • Destination: Consider where you want to spend your time and what things there are to do in that area. Some things may be important to keep in mind, such as proximity to the airport and sites of interest, as well as the safety of the town or city.
  • Your budget: This is important to keep in mind as it will narrow down your choices.
  • Inclusions: Different travel accommodations may include various things such as meals, drinks, tours, number of nights, flights, airport transportation, room service, and more.
  • Type: The type of housing may be an apartment, cabana, resort, home, campground, hotel, or something else. When looking through these choices, consider their condition, the number of people you will be traveling with, and the space desired. Some of these locations may also cater to different crowds, so determine the type of scene you want, and if you have kids, choose a child-friendly place to stay.
Can you bring pets to hotels or a vacation home?

Some hotels and other lodging locations are pet friendly; however, some are not, so it is important to check beforehand and make arrangements for your pet. If the hotel, condo, or home is pet friendly, it is good practice to let the management know beforehand that you will be bringing a pet. Also check with your airline to ensure that travel on a flight with your pet is permitted.