Golf Travel Bags

If you are a person who loves golf so much that you want to take your golf clubs with you when you travel, a golf travel bag may be a good investment. These bags can help to protect your clubs from the wear and tear of airports. They can also be a smart long-term storage idea.

Why should you use a golf travel bag?

Travel bags are meant to protect your gear, including your regular bag, while traveling. They’re not meant to be used as a replacement for the one that you use when you play golf. Some of them are designed to be hard-case luggage, while others are malleable bags that are made from durable material. If you use a travel one only 15 or so times a year, you will have saved yourself hundreds of dollars in club repairs because of how well they work.

What are travel bags made of?

Hard bags are made of a tough, high-end waterproof material. Soft bags are made of a Cordura material with water-resistant nylon, 200 Denier polyester, or some other material that takes a beating. Both the hard cases and the soft versions are made to prevent damage from being thrown around by airport baggage handlers and are approved by the Transit Security Administration.

What are the typical features of golf travel bags?

Hard bags tend to be gray or black on the outside while the soft ones come in many different colors. Besides a durable outer shell, the handles are padded or reinforced. Some bags feature external pockets, and some feature luggage or in-line skate wheels. The top of them are padded on the inside.

What are some travel tips concerning using golf travel bags?

When using your golf travel bag, be sure to follow these tips to make your trip smoother.

  • Book non-stop flights or use a shipping service for peace of mind and ease of traveling.
  • Only take the number of bags that you can handle alone.
  • Consider whether or not your driver will deliver you and your bags to the airport door.
  • Get a golf club protection device if you use a soft travel bag to further protect the shafts of your clubs from damage.
  • Airline clerks consider your bag to be an oversized check-in item, so you can expect to find your bag in the area designated for oversized items when you get to your destination.
  • Put an identification tag or label on your bag so that you and other golfers can differentiate your bag from theirs.
  • Pack your clubs tightly with sweaters or other items you're taking along anyway, but keep all electronics with you on the plane.