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Vehicle Drivetrain Parts for Your Nissan Altima Transmission

Power is what your car is all about. Your Nissan Altima transmission is what obtains that power from the engine. You can find the parts that make your vehicles automatic transmission possible on eBay.

What is a drivetrain used for?

A drivetrain is used to extract power from the transmission. The drive shaft is then used to channel that power to the wheels. These gears are located in the rear axle with the differential. Differentials balance the rotation of your wheels right as they receive power from the drive shaft and then out. Depending on the vehicle and brand, a drivetrain can include all parts of a transmission connection.

What does an automatic transmission do?

A CVT transmission gathers power from the engine. The components of a CVT transmission work under liquid pressure. This pressure allows the transmission to take power generated by the engine without jolting. This power gets transferred into various gears that only capture energy under the right pressure. The pressure is maintained by large amounts of oil that fill the transmission with an airtight seal. These components enable a smooth transition of power that settles within the planetary gears.

Can you replace transmission parts?

Transmission parts can be replaced. Your vehicle is specific and needs specific parts and pieces as made for a Nissan Altima. Your replacements can be found through an extensive eBay catalog. These parts include transmission kits and individual nuts or bolts. You will need to replace your parts when old parts wear out or break. Consider these parts available on eBay:

  • Clutches: The clutch connects the engine to the transmission. This part is designed to be replaced for improving performance and for general maintenance.
  • Planetary gears: These gears are the gears that fit within larger gears. The relationship of these pieces are important to the entire system of a transmission. One missing revolution will cause a notable change throughout the entire power of a vehicle?s output.
  • Torque converters: This section is powered by a fluid coupling that?s a type of pressure enabled by oil. An operating converter has the ability to increase the amount of revolutions that it receives from an engine.
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