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Tire Accessories for Toyota Tundra

No matter what youre up to in your Toyota Tundra, you depend on your tires to get you there safely even over rough terrain. With a few simple accessories, you can expand the capabilities of your Tundra. You can use those capabilities to go out on an adventure of your own.

What types of accessories are available for Toyota Tundra tires?

While your Tundras tires are quite capable in and of themselves, there are still many components to be had. No matter where you need your Tundra to take you, you can find an accessory to help you get there more efficiently.

  • Tire chains: If your adventures find you in a winter wonderland, tire chains will help increase your traction and help you blaze new trails.
  • Tire pressure sensors: Its important to always be aware of the air pressure in your Tundras tires. If a tire pressure sensor is malfunctioning, replacing it will allow you to have the optimum pressure for your vehicle.
  • Spare tire hoist: If the adventure gets a little too rough and you need to use your spare tire, attaching a hoist will make the job much easier so that you can get back to having fun.
  • Dust shield: Keep your rubber looking great wherever you go by adding a brake dust shield to your trucks rubbers.
Who manufactures accessories for Tundra tires?

Given the wide range of components to choose from, there is a robust selection of both aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, accessories. Items like tire chains are typically more of an aftermarket specialty, depending on the exact area you will be traversing, while tire pressure sensors are generally OEM product to ensure they will work specifically with the year of your Toyota Tundra. Whichever components you are considering, however, do be sure to double-check your model year and ensure you are getting the right components.

How do you install a tire pressure sensor?

Maintaining proper tire pressure saves gas, reduces tire wear, and can give you better control in your Toyota Tundra in the event of adverse road conditions. The following procedure can help you install the tire pressure sensor.

  1. Remove the disc from the axle by removing the lug nuts. Then, dismount the rubber from the wheel.
  2. Remove the sensor by removing the locking nut located on the outside of the wheel.
  3. With the sensor removed, clean off any dirt or corrosion that has accumulated in the mounting area.
  4. Assemble and install the replacement sensor by reinstalling the locking nut.
  5. Finally, remount the rubber to the wheel, and then remount the wheel to the axle. After that, calibrate your tire pressure monitoring system to ensure proper operation.