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Timberland Extra-Wide EE+ Boots For Men

Timberland is an outdoor apparel brand with products for both men and women, ranging from clothing to footwear to sunglasses. Most widely known for its iconic work boots, it produces durable, quality footwear for a variety of uses including hiking, heavy work, and daily wear. Timberland understands that one size does not fit all. Its boots come in several widths to accommodate all kinds of feet and toes, and ensure that you can get the perfect fit. Many styles are waterproof and made of leather, just to add that extra degree of function. Size EE and EEE stand for double- and triple-wide, respectively. Having the correct and comfortable width of footwear is important, especially in environments, such as work situations or hiking, where comfort is essential and shoes may be quite rigid to cooperate with safety requirements, such as having a steel cap toe or an extra-thick heavy construction.

Which Styles of Timberland Men's Boots Are Available In Extra-Wide?

Many of Timberland's popular styles of shoes come in extra-wide offerings. A large proportion of these styles are heavy-duty work boots, which often require that you wear thick socks with them, thus increasing the amount of room required in the boot.

  • The most well-known and recognizable Timberland boot is that of the burnt orange nubuck fame—the 6-inch, waterproof leather, lace-up boot. Both a fashion statement and a functional boot, it's the brand's top seller and is available in multiple widths and colors ranging from brown nubuck to crisp white.
  • For everyday wear, its selection of chukka boots make great choices for street wear, or a work environment with a casual dress code. The chukka boot's fashion-forward appearance is sleek and understated with a smooth leather upper and flexible rubber sole with plenty of grip.
  • The Timberland Pro Ascender boot is a leather safety work boot with an alloy safety toe. Its heavy-duty construction includes electrical hazard protection, a rugged non-slip sole, and a padded collar for the ankle to perform well on the work site.

What Are the Benefits of Extra-Wide Boots?

Not all feet are equal, and only allowing for the length of shoes to change with each size means that wider feet had to previously suffer in cramped styles.

  • Extra wide boots allow for those people with wide feet to have comfortably fitting shoes and prevent damage caused by incorrectly fitting shoes, such as bunions.
  • Having additional room can be beneficial for those who find their feet swell considerably in heat or during the course of the day.
  • The additional width may also be desirable for those who wear particularly thick socks and require the space for the padding. A hiker may also find these are beneficial when on the trail.