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Bringing Home Props and Replica Items from Your Favorite Games

Are you a big fan of the tactical role-playing action of the agents in Tom Clancys The Division online game? Maybe youre looking for gear for someone who is. An iconic image of any Division Agent is complete with their distinctive smart watch, and functional replicas are available in real life.

What Are the Features of This Replica Watch?

This wrist watch has been included as one of a few bonus items with the Collectors Edition of this game. Fully working timepieces, the features these watches include are:

  • Digital date and time display on an LCD screen;
  • The ability to select either 12 or 24-hour clock;
  • Two modes: the standard, black screen and ghost mode, with the timer and stopwatch numbers visible;
  • Outer ring that can activate to glow orange like the watches worn in the online game do;
  • Stopwatch with a maximum of 99 minutes, 59 seconds and 99 milliseconds;
  • Alarm with sound and light as well as a snooze function;
  • Timer with a maximum setting of 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds;
  • World Clock with settings for forty cities around the world, including daylight saving time (DST);
  • Water resistant (splash only, not for submerging in water or wearing in the shower);
  • Expandable link bracelet; and
  • Battery operated (uses a CR2032 battery).

What Other Gear and Merchandise is Available?

There is a range of other official gear and merchandise for players who like to dress for a game or are into cosplay at gaming events. Some of these include:

  • Backpacks: The Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) backpack is a functional replica of those the agents wear during gameplay. Using black polyurethane, the backpacks have a total 22-liter capacity with one large interior and three smaller exterior compartments with zippers, elastic loops, and mesh pockets.
  • Sweatshirts: The Division sweatshirt hoodies are branded on the front with the \"Take Back New York\" slogan and logo of the game. Unisex Agent Sweaters are made out of a cotton/polyester blend with long sleeves and hoods.
  • T-shirts: The Dark Zone T-shirt features the Rogue Status print on the front, and a biohazard sign on the rear. Using cotton, these black Tees are also a unisex design.
  • Beanies: Dark Zone beanies for keeping NYC safe are green and yellow with a pom-pom and the Division logo embroidered on the front.
  • Badges and Pins: Collectable batches and pins are available in different designs.
  • Necklaces: Dog-tag style pendants for SHD agents are silver and orange with the pulse tracker logo.
  • Other: Other props and merchandise include posters, artbooks, and armbands.

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