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TaylorMade Seniors Driver Golf Clubs

TaylorMade Clubs offer driver options for fast, medium, and slow golf swings. TaylorMade Golf Clubs have driver-face designs that help golfers control fairway shots and reduce side spin.

What are senior golf clubs?

Senior woods and irons have shafts that bend more than most other shaft flex types. Senior clubs are irons and drivers that bend enough to provide solid contact with the ball for swing speeds in the range of 70 mph or less. TaylorMade Senior types are more flexible than stiffer TaylorMade regular clubs that work with swing speeds in the range of 70 to 90 mph.

Do you need a senior driver?

Senior-type fairway woods are not just for older players; these flexible tools match with the speed of smooth swing rates that are slower than 70 mph. TaylorMade Drivers come in all the flex types: Ladies, Senior-flex, Regular, Firm, and Extra-firm. The best way to find the flex level that fits your style is to get a swing speed rating at a golf pro shop. If you establish the speed of your swing, then you can select the type of TaylorMade club-shaft combination that matches your swing.

What are the advantages of Senior-flex drivers?

TaylorMade Senior-rated drivers match full swings in the 70 mph range and provide flexibility, consistent contact, and control. Using the shaft flex that matches swing speed gives the player sensitive control. This type of club-shaft offers maximum distance and accuracy for golfers with slower swings. Firmer shafts can produce more distance, and softer shafts can create more loft, but the senior flex shaft provides the best combination of straight shots and distance.

What does forgiveness mean in drivers and other clubs?

Forgiveness is the sport's term for club-head designs that account for bad swings and mis-hits. TaylorMade offers the M4 driver in four flex shaft types, including senior. The M4 reduces the side spin caused by poor contact and swing errors. The M4 is a leader in forgiveness, which means that players will get favorable results when they make a poor stroke when driving off the tee. The M4 has a large sweet spot to increase the number of solid hits, and you can customize the face.

Can D-Type senior drivers improve accuracy off the tee?

The TaylorMade D-Type M-2 driver increases the draw and straightens shots. Draw describes the controlled movement of a golf ball in flight. Assuming a right-handed player, then draw is movement from right to left. Fade is the opposite motion. The TaylorMade D-Type driver helps straighten shots by reducing uncontrolled left or right movements such as a hook or slice. A hook or slice can come from using a club-shaft with the wrong flex for your swing. Clubs that bend too much or bend too little will cause inconsistent contact and push the ball off course. Senior flex clubs match swing speeds in the 70 mph range, and they promote consistent solid contact.