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Explore TaylorMade's Range of Hybrid and Utility Golf Clubs

TaylorMade has been manufacturing innovative golf clubs for 40 years. The company's version of the hybrid golf club uses a variety of materials in its construction and borrows elements from both metal and wood clubs. You can use eBay to explore the available options for these clubs and find the right TaylorMade hybrid for your needs.

Choosing a dexterity option for your TaylorMade hybrid

eBay sells TaylorMade hybrids in two dexterity variations to cover the whole golf market. You can choose the dexterity that matches your golfing style or comfort level. The two main options you will find during your search are:

  • Right: If you are comfortable as a right-handed golfer, this may be the appropriate dexterity option for you. A right-handed TaylorMade club allows you to swing while standing to the left of the ball. Your left hand will rest on the lower portion of the shaft.
  • Left: A left-handed TaylorMade hybrid might be useful to you if you stand to the right of the golf ball and grip the club shaft with your right hand further down.
TaylorMade hybrid club sizes

Each TaylorMade hybrid has a specific size according to the type of club it is. You may wish to purchase several hybrid clubs from this brand to have a variety of options available to you during your next game. The club size that works for you can vary from one version to the next and will depend on your height. Note also that hybrid club sizes may have slight variations depending on the shaft materials used in their construction. See the manufacturer site for details. Some common clubs and their average sizes include:

  • 3-wood: The 3-wood hybrid club averages at 42 inches in length.
  • 4-wood: This club shaft usually measures 42 inches as well.
  • 5-wood: A standard 5-wood TaylorMade hybrid is approximately 41 inches long.
How do you determine TaylorMade hybrid shaft flex?

The flex of a shaft is a rating given to a golf club based on how much it gives or bends during your swing. Flexes for golf clubs typically range from regular to firm or stiff. All variations of flex are useful in golf, and the ones that work for you will depend on your preferences and what you do when you take a swing. You can use the helpful categories on eBay to find all the new and pre-used TaylorMade hybrids that have the flex rating you need for your game.