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TaylorMade Fairway Wood Right-Handed Golf Clubs

TaylorMade has been producing golf equipment since 1979. Among the products they produce are fairway wood right-handed golf clubs. When choosing one of these TaylorMade golf clubs, there are some things to keep in mind.

What is a fairway wood club?

Fairway or metal drivers are the longer clubs in the golf bag. The number one or driver is the longest golf shaft. It is the tool designed for the greatest distance. Fairway golf shots test the golfer's skills in distance and accuracy. If you must cover distances in the range of 400 yards, then it is important to get a significant distance from the tee.

What do the numbers of the fairway drivers mean?

The system for identifying fairway drivers is a series of numbers from one through nine. The number one is the driver, and it can cover up to 250 yards of driving distance. As the number goes up, the distance it can cover goes down. The higher numbers indicate greater loft and backspin for accuracy.

The most common fairway clubs are one, two, three, four, and five. Typical golf combinations include the driver and a right-handed set of numbers three and five fairway clubs. Many golf sets include right-handed versions of numbers two and four.

What are fairway woods made of?

Golf equipment makers like TaylorMade use persimmon hardwood, composites, graphite, and special metals in fairway driver heads. While they are called fairway woods, most are special metal alloys such as titanium and human-made composites like carbon-fiber graphite. Another fairway type is the hybrid. It is a combination of a driver and a golf iron that has a short distance but a high degree of control and accuracy.

What features are available for these golf clubs?

A wide selection of drivers are available, and some models offer on-club adjustments.

  • Shaft flex: You can select the amount of bend in the club when you swing.
  • Loft angle: You can pick the loft angle of flight and the amount of backspin.
  • Head offset: You can pick the angle of the club face at the point of impact
  • Club head: You can make adjustments that move the center of gravity forward or backward as your swing dictates.
  • Sweet spot: You can select the size of the area of the face that produces solid contact.
What flex options are available?

Flex is the rating of the amount of bend in the shaft of a fairway driver when you swing. The greater flex or bend helps golfers with a slow swing. Golfers with a fast swing need a stiff shaft. TaylorMade fairway drivers come in five flex ratings based on swing speed. You can buy fairway woods with regular, senior, ladies, stiff, and extra stiff shafts.