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Hummer H3 Taillights

The Hummer H3 was manufactured from 2005 to 2010 and offered the power of a Hummer in a more compact package. Like its body kit, replacement H3 taillights differ from traditional SUV specifications. To select the right lights, you need to know what types there are and how to identify compatible parts.

Are there different types of Hummer H3 taillights?

Taillight compatibility varies based on year and submodel design. While specialty lighting kits have selective compatibility, there are several universal types.

  • Factory standard - These kits are designed to match the exact specifications of OEM lights. Factory standard lighting kits offer traditional design and illumination. Depending on the year, variations in lens, housing, and bulb styles are available. Halogen lights come standard, but other options are possible.
  • Fiber optic- This lighting option is available in custom and factory housing for a unique twist on a traditional car part. Flexible optic fibers provide the neon glow and unorthodox internal design. LED bulbs illuminate the fibers to ensure proper brightness for nighttime safety.
  • LED - These bulbs are known for their energy efficiency and brightness. LED bulbs are bright enough to cut through stormy nights without blinding drivers behind you.
  • Tailgate light bar - Also known as the third brake light, a tailgate bar is typically mounted below the rear windshield. The year of your Hummer H3 determines its size and location. Review the vehicle manual for information detailing its size and bulb requirements.
What sizes do Hummer H3 taillights come in?

When updating OEM parts or upgrading to an aftermarket version, confirm the lamp size with the owners manual. While Hummer taillights feature standardized designs, there are several options to choose from based on their purpose and location. The following sizes are available from most Hummer accessory manufacturers:

  • Backup reverse light - Sizes 3157 and 3157K
  • Rear signals and primary taillights - 3157, 3157K, and 3157-SCK
Are there different Hummer H3 housing options?

Housings are also known as casings and serve a dual purpose. Theyre designed to keep sensitive taillight electric parts safe from weather, and they determine light brightness and radiance. There are several housing options available for all Hummer H3 models, including:

  • Black taillight housing - This design is also known as smoked housing, and it dims taillight brightness. This housing is generally found in aftermarket products. While it lowers brightness levels, the light still satisfies legal illumination requirements. To achieve optimum brightness levels, you may need to install additional taillights.
  • Chrome taillight housing - This housings mirror-like reflection boosts taillight radiance and brightness. Due to its reflective quality, fewer lights are needed for it compared to black housing.