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Getting a DVD Blu-Ray Player Remote Control For Your Device to Work

The remote control for your Samsung DVD or Blu-ray player is vital for your enjoyment. The features and controls that come with a Blu-ray DVD player can be extensive. Therefore, you must have a remote control suitable for your Blu-ray player and for any other features your TVs might work with. But first, several things must be found when getting a new remote for your Samsung Blu-ray player.

A Simple Layout

The remote you order must have a layout that is easy to use. It should include the following points:

  • Source control. The source control should let you adjust the source that is displayed on your television set. This includes going from the regular Samsung TV display to the DVD player display, among other sources. The features of a smart TV or another unit will vary based on what you can utilize here.
  • Basic controls. The numerical channel controls and the playback controls must be appropriately labeled.
  • Navigation buttons. The navigational features should include everything that lets you move along a Blu-ray disc menu or a streaming service menu.
  • ABCD buttons. You should have the ABCD buttons on hand to help the remote control learn functions based on the original remote that you used on the target device. The functions that these ABCD buttons utilize will vary based on the set-top boxes, television set or other features you have attached alongside your player.

Who Makes It?

Be aware of the company that makes your remote. While you can find a new remote control for TVs and Blu-ray use made directly by Samsung, you could also find some replacement remotes made by other companies like Sony or smaller entities like One For All or Qinyun. But whatever you use, the remote you order must be compatible with the Samsung Blu-ray DVD player you have.

How Do You Set It Up?

The steps for getting your remote control aligned with your BluRay receiver are easy to follow:

  1. Turn off the receiver.
  2. Press the Mode button on the remote. This should entail a button that lists a label like DVD, TV or something else that the remote might control.
  3. Press the Set button inside the remote. You can press it by using the pointed end of a paper clip. The remote should light up after applying it.
  4. Enter the code for the device that your remote will be linked up to. This should work on your Samsung Blu-ray disc unit or on any TVs or other items you want to use here.
  5. The light should turn off if you entered the code correctly.
  6. Press the button for the device you are trying to link up to. The DVD player or another device that you are linking up to should turn on.

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