TRUE Fitness Peças e acessórios para equipamentos de Treino Cardiovascular

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TRUE Fitness Cardio Equipment Parts Accessories

TRUE Fitness is an American company that produces fitness equipment. Fitness machines made by this company are used in health clubs, hotels, and home gyms. If you need a replacement part or accessory for your TRUE Fitness workout machine, look for a solution in this collection.

What types of fitness equipment are made by TRUE Fitness?

TRUE Fitness manufactures a number of different workout machines. You can find cardio equipment parts and accessories for offerings from this company that include:

  • Elliptical trainers: These types of workout machines consist of two pedals that you stand on. By pressing the pedals of an elliptical trainer downward, you work out critical muscle groups throughout your legs and chest. Elliptical trainers are also equipped with handles that move as you pump, providing an upper body workout. These cardio machines are named for the elliptical motion that your body creates while using an elliptical machine.
  • Treadmills: Treadmills consist of a flat track that is pulled by a motor. This track can be set to move at different speeds, and this motion simulates the act of running or walking for those using the treadmill. Treadmills are usually equipped with handles and consoles that you can use to track your speed and progress.
  • Fitness bikes: Fitness bikes are types of stationary bicycles that are used indoors as low-impact cardio machines. In a seated position, the operator of a fitness bike pushes the pedals to stimulate cardiac flow and build leg muscles.

What replacement parts are available for TRUE Fitness cardio equipment?

TRUE Fitness provides a full line of replacement parts for their workout machines. Some of these parts include:

  • Treadmill drive motors: The drive motor is the part that causes the track to move in this type of fitness machine. This motor is usually located at the front of the machine, and most of these motors can operate at up to 3.5 horsepower.
  • Treadmill upper-display console panels: The display console is situated at the top of these types of exercise machines. This display shows information to the exerciser, such as the speed and incline of the track and the time left in the designated workout. This component also contains buttons that can be used to change the settings of an exercise routine.
  • Elliptical magnetic-brake generators: These components slow down your exercise machine when you're ready to get off. With the use of magnets, these components create resistance in the pedals of your machine, forcing them to slow to a stop.
  • Elliptical drive belt: The drive belt is the component that pushes the pedals of your exercise machine. This component is located on the inside of the machine, and it connects two wheels that produce the motion of the pedals and the handlebars. This belt can gradually wear out with use.