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Sun Visors for Jaguar XJ6

Jaguar sun visors can be found in a number of different styles for the Jaguar XJ6. Each works slightly differently to block sun from affecting the driver’s visibility. With a wide selection of sun visors, you can find the right ones for your Jaguar XJ6.

What are qualities of painted sun visors?

Stationary Jaguar visors are made from painted dots that coat the middle of the top of the car’s windshield. This visor fades from solid black at the top to clear a few inches down the windshield. Its function is to block light from coming directly in through the front of the car. This area is not shielded by either of the flip-down visors, which are the second style.

What do flip-down visors offer?

Flip-down Jaguar flaps are installed over the driver and front passenger seats of the vehicle. They flip down to block light coming in through the front windshield and also flip left or right to block light from the side windows. Typically, these flaps include a mirror portion that is covered by a durable plastic flap or sliding door. Sometimes there are also lights installed next to the reflective glass.

What do removable flaps entail?

The third type of Jaguar sun visor is a version that folds up, typically accordion style, and can be inserted into the Jaguar’s windshield when the vehicle is parked and turned off. The shiny side typically faces outward so that sunlight is reflected away from the interior of the car, which stays cool. These flaps are available in a number of different colors and patterns, including cartoon characters, classic prints, and bright hues.

What materials are sun visors made from?

Different types of sun shields are, predictably, made from different materials. The first type is merely paint that coats the top of the windshield glass. The second flip-down style can be made from hard, durable plastic or from a carpet-like textile, depending on what the interior of the Jaguar XJ6 looks like. The third type of Jaguar sun visors are most commonly made from synthetic materials like nylon and may include some traces of metal to achieve the reflective effect.

How do you clean sun visors?

Clean the painted flap and removable flaps on your XJ6 by simply wiping the windshield or visor down with a damp cloth. The flip-down flaps can be wiped down if they are made from hard plastic, or vacuumed with an appropriate attachment if they are made from a carpet-like textile. Feel free to wipe down the glass portion with a glass cleaner or vinegar and water solution.