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Dodge Challenger Sun Visors

Dodge Challenger sun visors come in several different styles. Each plays a slightly different role in maintaining shade and visibility. Cleaning Dodge visors from time to time can help them to stay effective.

What are fixed visors for the Dodge?

Dodge Challenger sun visors come in fixed, flip, and removable versions. Fixed sun visors are painted onto the top of the Challengeru001as windshield. They are sometimes comprised of small dots or a fixed gradient that lightens as it moves several inches down from the top of the Dodges windshield. This version of sunshade blocks light from coming in through the center of the windshield.

What is the function of the Dodge vehicleu001as flip visors?

Dodge Challenger flip visors are installed at the front of the Dodge Challenger, over the driver and front passenger seats. They are mounted on round rods so that they can flip down and slide from side to side to block light through the windshield and side windows of the car. Some Dodge Challenger flip visors are made from durable plastic while others are covered with various fabric textiles. Oftentimes, this version of visor has a mirror component that is flanked by small lights. The mirror is usually covered by a flap or door for safety.

What are removable visors for the Dodge?

Dodge Challenger removable visors are portable devices that should only be used when the Challenger is powered off and parked. These visors unfold and can be placed in the front windshield with a reflective side facing out. This sends light away from the Challengeru001as interior and keeps the inside cool. Oftentimes, these versions of visors come in all sorts of designs and styles to appeal to a variety of different styles.

What are Dodge visors made from?

Challenger fixed visors are almost always painted on. Flip visors, however, can be made from plastic or fabric and may include reflective glass for the mirror portion along with plastic for any lighting involved. The rods are typically metal or plastic.

Dodge removable visors are typically synthetic blends with metallic coating on one side. Frequently, materials like Velcro or snaps help to keep the removable visor secure when it is not in use.

What are care tips for Dodge visors?

Dodge Challenger painted and removable visors can be wiped down with a damp cloth periodically to remove dust and stains. Flip visors can be cleaned similarly if they do not involve fabric textiles. If they do, they can be vacuumed with an attachment or blotted with a mixture of soap and water. Hard water stains on the mirror can be taken off with a mix of baking soda and vinegar applied as a paste. Once the mixture dries, rinse it away.