Straight Talk SIM cards

Straight Talk SIM cards allow people to activate their unlocked, compatible phones on the Straight Talk cellular network. Cellular coverage varies across the United States, so the carrier type of SIM card depends on your location. The size of the card depends on which size is compatible with your cell phone.

What are the differences between Straight Talk card types?

There are three sizes: Nano, Micro, and Standard. Check your phone to make certain you have the correct SIM card size.

Do you need a SIM to use Straight Talk?

Yes, your device will need a SIM card to operate properly. A Straight Talk SIM is for existing customers. Those who have purchased a Straight Talk device can use a SIM card to activate service and add minutes or data.

How do you swap Straight Talk devices?

If you are upgrading to an existing Straight Talk phone, then transferring your cellular number, voice coverage, and data plan is straightforward. If your new phone has the same type of SIM card as your previous phone, remove your SIM card from your current phone and install it in your new device.

If your second phone has a different type of SIM card, you must get the correct size to fit it.

Can phones from another carrier be used on Straight Talk?

Yes. Unlocked, compatible GSM and CDMA mobiles will work. For example, an unlocked Verizon phone can be used on Straight Talk. To switch from Verizon or another carrier to Straight Talk, you need to know your phone's IMEI number. This can be found in the Settings area of your device. Your cellular account must be fully paid. Depending on your carrier, there may be extra fees.

If your device was previously on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile, it may be locked. It must be unlocked prior to use on Straight Talk. Locked mobiles will not work on this network.

  • Contact your cellular provider. Ask for an unlock code for your device.
  • Follow the representative's instructions to enter the unlock code on your device.
  • Remove your phone's battery and SIM card.
  • Contact Straight Talk to choose a new plan for your compatible cell phone. A SIM card will be mailed to you.
  • Once you have the SIM card, insert it into your phone. Turn on the mobile to begin the activation process on the Straight Talk network. SIM activation may take up to 24 hours.
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