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Stickers for Apple MacBook

If you have a shiny, updated Apple MacBook and want to make it unique, you can decorate it with decals. If you want stickers for Apple MacBooks that work a little harder, consider a skin. Decals and skins are fun, easy to use, and available in a wide variety of designs.

What are Apple MacBook decals?

Decals are stickers that you can use to decorate and personalize your MacBook laptop. Most decals are designed to be put on the top of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Some spread across almost the entire top of your laptop. Others are much smaller and add a touch of whimsy to a Mac.

Also, there are keyboard stickers that are for the flat area on either side of the keyboard trackpad. Some of these are also small. Others fill space to both the left and right sides of the trackpad.

What are MacBook skins?

Skins have a function beyond decoration. They cover the top of an Apple MacBook with a solid protective layer. They act to shield your laptop from scratches and minor bumps. Skins are thin and light, so they do not weigh down the thinnest laptop such as the MacBook Air.

What materials are used to make MacBook stickers?

MacBook decals, keyboard decals, and skins are all made of vinyl. The vinyl used for skins is automotive-grade. This is the same material that is used for signs on the sides of buses.

The vinyl MacBook decals are sandwiched between a wax paper backing and a layer of transfer tape. Vinyl skins have only a peel-off backing.

Are MacBook stickers removable?

Decals, keyboard stickers, and skins can all be removed from your MacBook easily. Although they stick tight when you want them on, they peel off easily when you want to take them off. Neither decals nor skins leave any residue, meaning your MacBook cover or keyboard will not be sticky.

How do you apply vinyl MacBook stickers?

The application process is easy for stickers, decals, and skins because the vinyl skins peel off their backing sheet. They are precision-cut to be exactly the size you need for the cover of your model of Apple MacBook, so they will not obstruct any ports or other functions of your laptop. All you have to do is press them onto the top of your MacBook and smooth them out. They are made with air channels to adhere smoothly without bubbles.

Decals and stickers have a couple more steps. First, you peel off the paper backing. Then, you put the decal or sticker right where you want it on the cover or keyboard of your Apple laptop and smooth it with your hand. You can also use something like a credit card to rub across the vinyl decal to make sure it is flat and secure on the Mac. Then, you use a wet cloth to dampen the transfer tape and slowly pull it away.