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Chevrolet El Camino Steering Wheels & Horns

Choosing the correct steering wheel horn for your Chevrolet El Camino is essential for not only the look and feel of your car but also for its effective safety. Just as important as the engine sounds coming from the classic SS, the steering wheel horn will preserve the authenticity of your El Caminos sound.

How does an El Camino steering wheel horn work?

Pressing the horn on the steering wheel of your standard El Camino or Classic SS causes a mechanical process to occur. Depending on your Chevrolet make, a wire connects from the horn button to a circuit or pressing on the horn makes a direct contact with an electrical pin. Either way, pressing down completes the circuit in your vehicle to activate the horn sound.

Why is a Chevrolet El Camino steering wheel horn important?

In any Chevrolet vehicle, be it an El Camino, El Camino SS, or even a Chevelle, having a horn to notify others on the road during quick braking or for defensive driving is paramount. Letting other drivers know that your vehicle is coming can prevent accidents. Keeping everyone safe is the most important use of any horn.

How loud is a Chevrolet El Camino steering wheel horn?

The standard Chevrolet steering wheel horn meets the noise-limit specifications required by any state or city. Modifications to a classic horn setup should only be done after researching any city ordinances regarding decibel restrictions. Basic Chevrolet El Camino horn models are loud enough to notify others in emergency situations without being in violation of noise restriction laws.

Will a steering wheel horn help protect your El Camino?

The horn will notify others of dangers while on the road as well as work with a car alarm. Regardless of your Chevrolet model, a good horn will assist a driver in observing safe driving practices.

Will a Chevrolet Chevelle horn work in an El Camino?

While many Chevrolet parts are interchangeable between models, it is important to check the year of your specific Chevelle or Chevrolet El Camino to be sure that the steering wheel horn you wish to use will fit properly. Most Chevrolet service stations can answer this question with the correct information for your specific vehicle.

Will your Chevrolet steering wheel horn go off automatically?

The only time your Chevrolet El Camino horn will sound without pressing the button is in the event of an activated security alram if you have a security system attached to the horn or if you activate your alarm in some other way. Horns that are properly maintained will only activate when their use is desired. If they go off without a good reason at other times, this is a sign that the electrical circuit connections need to be checked by a qualified mechanic.